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3 Common Residential Snow Removal Mistakes and How to Prevent Them

3_COMMON_RESIDENTIAL_SNOW_REMOVAL_MISTAKES_AND_HOW_TO_PREVENT_THEM.pngIt's 3:00 AM and a winter storm is bearing down in Chesterfield. You are snug and cozy in your warm bed dreaming about the big presentation you have at work in the morning.

When you wake up at your normal time you are shocked to find we received 5 inches of heavy, wet snow while you were getting your beauty sleep.

Now what??

You can run outside and hastily shovel the driveway and walk, to get it cleared before sprinting back in and racing to get ready for your meeting.  Or you can trudge through the snow in your dress shoes and clothes and say you will get it later (usually making for one unhappy spouse!)

I know this has happen to most of us at some point. Here are few pointers on 3 common residential snow removal mistakes and how you can prevent them this winter. 


1. Not Watching the Forecast Closely

Life gets busy and paying attention to the forecast is usually not in the forefront of our minds. This can cause you to be surprised by a winter storm.

weather_forecast.pngProfessional snow removal companies in Chesterfield, MO look ahead as far as the forecast allows. Many companies have years of experience that allow them to look at a forecast and determine the likelihood of a storm that could cause an impact to the clients.

Some companies, like Dowco, couple their years of experience with a professional weather reporting service. These services take the forecast and break it down even further by reporting road temperatures, timing of the most significant accumulation, and the likeliness of refreeze.

We know you're busy living your life.  Don’t bog yourself down trying to be the best amateur meteorologist you can be, when you can easily rely on a team of professionals with years of experience! 


2. Improper Equipment

I know what you’re thinking, “I have a shovel, what more do I need?”

ShovelSnow.jpgThe first time you go out to shovel a 6” snowfall when the temperature is 20 degrees and the wind is blowing at 30 mph you will understand that a shovel is not all you need and using that shovel is going to be a long arduous process.

Professional residential snow removal companies are accustomed to what it takes to get the job done in all sorts of conditions.

Many companies employ the use of snow blowers, skid steers with heated enclosed cabs, smaller plows and truck mounted plows. This allows them to clear your property in much less time and without the elements taking a severe toll on the crews.

The crews at Dowco are also trained in cold weather safety and proper dress.  These steps are important to protect yourself from harsh winter temperatures and winds. Your winter coat seems nice and warm going from the car to the office but when you are out in the elements for an extended period of time you need professional grade protection. 

Choosing a professional residential snow removal company can save your back and perhaps your extremities from frostbite.


3. Incorrect Ice Melt Usage

Seems easy enough, go to the hardware store, grab a back of rock salt and throw it down. That would be fine, if you are not concerned for your landscaping or pavement. 

professional snow removal chesterfield mo.jpgFor those of us that want to protect our investments there is more to it than that. Professional residential snow removal companies know which products are best suited for your situation.

While rock salt may be great for a large parking lot due to its cost effectiveness, it may not be the best choice for your front walk that has landscape beds on either side.

There has been lots of testing on ice melt products to see their effect on the environment including landscaping, paved surfaces and water supply. The number one thing that came from all of the studies I have read is that if applied according to manufacturer’s specifications, ice melts have little impact on the environment.

Professional residential snow removal companies like Dowco train their employees on the proper techniques and application amount to limit the possibility of environmental damages.

While doing your own snow removal is definitely cost effective, the question that you must ask is, “Do I have enough knowledge of the process and procedures related to snow removal to ensure I won’t make a mistake?”

If you can’t answer yes, you must do your homework, or hire a professional residential snow removal company like Dowco!


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