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First Frost Checklist

Here is a simple checklist to help you prepare your garden for the first frost. 

Be rewarded when the warm weather returns by planting your spring-blooming bulbs during the fall. Daisies, allium, black-eyed Susan, rudbeckia, crocus, daffodil, tulip, snowdrop, lily of the valley, iris, and hyacinth a...

Winter Holiday Games for Your Party

We're gearing up for the holidays right around the corner and know that many of our clients will be having parties at their house.  Make sure you let us know ASAP if you need a last minute leaf cleanup before your guests arrive. 

Here are a few games & activities that our team recommends for a lively...

How Winter Shrub Pruning Can Reduce Your Costs

Here in St. Louis, we are used to trimming and pruning our shrubs regularly during the growing season.

If we don't, common plantings like Boxwoods, Burning Bush, Viburnum and Spirea get large and out of control!  

But, did you know that winter shrub pruning can reduce your trimming costs during the ...

Leaf Cleanup Chesterfield, MO

Leaf cleanup isn't a chore for the weekends.

Leaf it to the professionals at Dowco!   

Leaf Cleanup Chesterfield, MO

Our crews are equipped with huge, industrial sized, walk behind leaf blowers to make cleanup fast and easy.

Leaf Vacuuming Chesterfield, MO 

Forget the days of bagging your leaves on ...

Chesterfield, MO Snow Removal Service

If you've ever been trapped in your own driveway or not able to walk up to the front door of your office building, then you know how important reliable and timely snow removal services are! 

When the snow falls, Dowco is the premier choice for snow removal and ice control in Chesterfield, MO. 


St. Louis Irrigation Shut Down Service

Dowco’s St. Louis irrigation shut down service will ensure that your pipes are properly blown out & your system doesn’t get freeze damage through the winter.

The leaves have started changing color and the temperatures are cooling and it’s time to think about shutting down your irrigation system and...

Winter Watering for St. Louis Gardeners

Nobody likes to suddenly notice dead plants in their garden, but the last couple of years have been tough for St. Louis gardeners.

6 DIY tips to Prevent Winter Damage on Trees and Shrubs

There are 3 main types of damage that trees & shrubs suffer from during the winter.Once we have an understanding of the types of winter damage on trees and shrubs we will be able to better prevent them. 

Chesterfield, MO Commercial Snow Removal

Choosing a snow removal provider for your commercial property isn’t always an easy task. If you are looking for a provider, you’re looking for protection for your employees, customers, or residents if you’re part of your community’s HOA. You rely on the snow removal provider to ensure everyone can s...

Colorful Winter Container Plantings

People always a search to find a way to bring color into their landscape during the wintertime. There are plants that are amazing accents to the garden but sometimes you don’t have the space or the money to add these specimens to your yard. Colorful winter container plantings are the answer!

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