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How to have a thriving garden come spring!

A fall bed cleanup may seem entirely cosmetic, but it goes a long way to give your beds the best chance to perform well next year.

First Frost Checklist

Here is a simple checklist to help you prepare your garden for the first frost. 

Be rewarded when the warm weather returns by planting your spring-blooming bulbs during the fall. Daisies, allium, black-eyed Susan, rudbeckia, crocus, daffodil, tulip, snowdrop, lily of the valley, iris, and hyacinth a...

Fun Fall Planters

Planter gardens are both beautiful and practical. They're great for small spaces or paved areas, and mixing them up is easy as the seasons (or your tastes) change. 

Two Steps to a Thick Green Lawn

A lawn renovation (also referred to as aeration and overseeding) serves two important purposes. To reduce soil compaction and introduce new grass seed to fill in bare spots and thicken existing turf.

Summer Lawn Care Guide

As temperatures consistently reach above 95°, we typically start to see problems in our turf. Drought and disease can quickly take a toll, so it’s important that you have a strategy in place to care for your lawn throughout the summer.

The value of curb appeal

Increase your property value with a professional landscape team

A recent study reported by the Wall Street Journal set out to quantify the value of curb appeal. They found that “on average a home with excellent curb appeal sold for 7% more than a similar house in the same neighborhood with poor curb...

Why aren’t my plants bouncing back after winter?

If your plants are looking a little worse for wear, don’t worry. You’re not alone. We are seeing evidence of freeze damage all over St Louis following the bitter cold snaps and high wind activity back in December-January.

How do I know if my plants are too far gone?

It can be tough to tell whether a...

Level Up Your St Louis Landscape Before Barbeque Season

Social calendars are stacking up with barbeques and holiday parties, but the winter months have been harsh on outdoor spaces. Getting your landscape back to its best can be a daunting task.

Water Once More! Here's Why...

Water One More Time

Cool, brisk days and chilly nights are indicators that winter is fast approaching and irrigation systems need to be shut down.  But a dormant irrigation system doesn’t mean your watering is complete. 

As fall merges into winter, a deep watering on your new plants or existing ev...

Leaf Your Fall Services to Dowco!

Friday marks the first day of fall which usually means football, comfy sweaters, and pumpkin-spiced everything! 

Here's what fall means to us at Dowco. 

Irrigation Shutdowns

Dowco is scheduling appointments in October to properly blow out your underground irrigation pipes. We recommend scheduling be...

St. Louis Lawn Aeration and Renovation FAQ

We answer the most frequently asked questions regarding fall aeration and overseeding including flagging, watering, leaf cleanup, fertilization, mowing, scheduling and more! 


What needs to be flagged?

  • Flag all irrigation heads and valve boxes.
  • Flag the invisible dog fe...

Watch Your Landscape Explode With Color

Add a Pop of Color this Fall

Mums are a great way to add a pop of color to your outdoor space this fall. Planted in-ground or in pots, mums keep their color through the fall season. With a variety of rich colors available, your landscape will be on display! 

Other fall options include kale, strawfl...

How Much Does a Lawn Renovation Cost in St. Louis?

Did you know that a single blade of grass only lives 40 days on average?

Each day our lawns are working to produce new blades (called tillers) to replace the old ones. This is why some lawns begin to thin out or look tired over time.

Many people already knows the benefits of aerating and overseedin...

Summer Watering and Smart Irrigation in St. Louis

Is your lawn drying out in certain spots during the summer drought?

Here are 3 quick tips:

  1. During this bad stretch of hot weather & drought, consider watering every day.
  2. Water in the morning, not the middle of the day, to prevent fungus outbreaks.
  3. Look around for an irrigation coverage issue. Ide...

How to Care For a New Construction Home Lawn in St. Louis

Congratulations on a new home!!

As soon as the keys are handed over to your new residence, the mindset of “protecting your investment” kicks in. One of the most beneficial ways you can protect and enhance your curb appeal is by making sure your lawn is green and weed-free. 

Fall is one of the best t...

How to Compare and Choose a St. Louis Lawn Renovation Company

Your lawn, flowers, trees and shrubs are in a heat advisory. Please be alert to the following warning signs of drought and adjust your watering as needed.

  • foot prints that stay
  • wilted and rolled leaves
  • discoloration
  • soil feels dry to the touch

As soon as the summer heat wave is over you're going t...

Hot Upgrades to Prepare Your St. Louis Landscape for Summer Parties

Fourth of July is coming! Are you ready?

Or more importantly, is your landscape party ready?

With less than a week to go, our maintenance teams are ready to lend a helping hand for party cleanup. We can prune, weed, and replant! Call us now to get on our schedule for a quick spruce before the neigh...

St. Louis Lawns Invaded by Pesky Nutsedge Weed

Have You Seen This Weed in Your St. Louis Lawn?

One of the peskiest weeds in St. Louis, Nutsedgeis an invasive weed that is lime green in color and has a waxy appearance. Nutsedge grows faster and pops up taller than grass and seems impossible to control. 

Many people refer to nutsedge as "water gr...

5 FAQ About Summer Lawns in St. Louis

Summer is upon us and our lawns!  There are a few things you want to be on the lookout for as it warms up outside. 

Flowers for Summer!

Did you know that Dowco pre-orders all of our annuals in February to be custom-grown just for our clients?

By ordering them early we ensure we get the best selection of robust plants in the exact color or variety you desire. We got our first delivery in on May 8th and will be installing flowers all...

Spring Flood 2017 - Impact on St. Louis Lawns & Landscaping

St. Louis Spring Flood 2017

Everyone knows that there is a not-so-small flood happening in our area. We wanted to take the time to update you on how this will impact your services throughout the remainder of this week, as well as give you some information from our horticulturists on how this will im...

April Showers Bring May Flowers

Lawn Mowing Schedule Update

Looking into the forecast this week, we are expecting more rain. This is why you may see us out earlier than normal for mowing to try to get ahead of it.

STL Swamp Living and National Lawn Care Month

Although the sun is shining, we are considering this another rain day. The machines we use would be too heavy and sink into saturated lawns.  We plan to put a full court press on mowing and lawn care and we will be working this weekend. 

Here at Dowco, we are passionate about creating beautiful, g...

Spring Rain Delay Schedule Update

We hope you're staying dry! 

Last week we started mowing all of our residential properties. If you haven't seen us yet, it's because we're delayed from rain, and the forecast this week shows more spring showers. Our goal is to ensure top quality work, in a timely fashion, without damaging your lawn....

Happy First Day of Spring!

Hi there,

Kelly here.   I just wanted to share with you some amazing news about our fantastic team member, Maggie.   Read on:

Lawn Mowing Boot Camp [VIDEO]

The last 2 weeks we've been preparing for lawn mowing. A few of our crew members are learning these skills for the first time, while many others are sharpening up their techniques before we hit our client's properties.

Last week we worked on the fundamentals - fueling, starting, handling, and safety...

Prepare! St. Louis Lawn Care Teams are Emerging

Can you believe the warm weather we've had in February? 

While you may see the Forsythia blooming already, the soil temperatures are still between 45-55 degrees, therefore Crabgrass is not yet germinating. Our fertilization program is underway and both rounds 1 and 2 contain a crabgrass pre-emergent...

Top 5 Blog Posts of 2016

Each year, we publish over 45 educational blog posts to share our expertise on a variety of lawn care and landscaping topics, and to communicate the latest happenings and trends in our company and industry.

Of all the posts that were written in 2016, the following five were the most popular!

Designing and Installing Incredible Landscapes in Chesterfield

Designing and installing incredible landscapes is not possible without a smart strategy and capable leader to execute it. Matt is our Senior Landscape Designer & Horticulturist and he has brought expertise to our landscape design division since January 2015. 

Spring Is Coming to St. Louis!

February 2nd marks the official mid-point of winter and we're looking for signs of the upcoming spring.

Our bed cleanups and shovel edging are underway.  While we're not spreading mulch yet, we're taking the time to prepare the beds so when the weather warms up your property stands out! 

St. Louis Ice Storm 2017

Happy Martin Luther King Day !

The weather this weekend created some beautiful scenery for St. Louis. Check out this video from the Missouri Botanical Garden showing off their icy wonderland.

However, the icy weekend may have negatively affected some trees and shrubs more that others.

January Services Game Plan

Happy New Year !

We are very excited for the upcoming seasons at Dowco. Here is a quick look at the next services we have coming up. 

Snow and Ice

Last week we were hit with about 2 inches of snow in St. Louis, which was a simple cleanup. Around Christmastime last year, we experienced an unpredicted...

Communication Tips for a St. Louis Homeowner’s Association Trustee

Nobody loves meetings, but as a St. Louis Homeowner's Association trustee, part of your job is to conduct them.

Video: Dowco's 2016 Year

The winter season is a magical time of year.

It's a time for giving and receiving, a time to remember others less fortunate than us, and a time to enjoy family, friends and colleagues. 

The spirit of the winter season also gives us the opportunity to reflect on all that we've been blessed with. I b...

St. Louis Subdivision Trustee Tips:  Getting Homeowners to Attend Board Meetings

The reality is that most St. Louis homeowners will not become actively involved in their subdivision associations. However, involved residents can offer valuable contributions if committed to the mission of improving their community, so it is important to get their input at board meetings.

Winter Holiday Games for Your Party

We're gearing up for the holidays right around the corner and know that many of our clients will be having parties at their house.  Make sure you let us know ASAP if you need a last minute leaf cleanup before your guests arrive. 

Here are a few games & activities that our team recommends for a lively...

St. Louis Subdivision Trustee Tips: How to Draft a Complete Resident Profile

A St. Louis subdivision trustee board administers the rules and upholds the policies of a community to help to unite them for many common purposes. If you’re among those who have volunteered to serve on your board, we acknowledge that this office can be both a rewarding and a challenging job.

2017 Landscaping and Lawn Care Trends

I've grown up in the lawn care and landscaping industry my whole life, and nothing excites me more than seeing our company grow along with others like us who are living out the American Dream.

The best way that I have found to stay current, is to talk to people within the industry and see what tren...

Are you ready for winter?

Many people ask what we do during the colder months and as much as we'd love to hibernate, we never slow down! 

Here's our team this morning with our traditional year-end hoody hand out! (Can you spot Wally?) 

Winter Holiday Events Around St. Louis

During this time of year, the amount of work your lawn and landscape needs is reduced and we all have more free time to spend with our family and friends! Here's a quick list of a few winter holiday events around St. Louis that you can participate in. 

Tips for Dealing with Difficult Homeowners in St. Louis Subdivision Associations

Serving on your St. Louis homeowner’s association board can become stressful at times if dealing with a difficult resident.

Pool Landscaping in Chesterfield Missouri

When this client called and asked to set-up a meeting to discuss improving their backyard landscape I had a good feeling about the potential for the space. The entire family is outdoor enthusiasts, and they enjoy entertaining.

Top 5 October Outdoor Checklist

1. Decorate your outdoor space by adding fall annuals & decorations. 

4 Fall Decorating Ideas for Small Spaces

If you love to decorate but don’t have much room to decorate; here are some easy & popular decorations to spruce up your small space for fall.

Best Lawn Care Company in St. Louis Now Offering Triple Aeration

Soil compaction is one of the primary reasons that grass won’t grow to its potential. Whether the result of mowing, foot or pet traffic or irrigation; soil compaction restricts the movement of oxygen, nutrients and water to the lawn. As a result, the grass grows slowly and poorly and soon becomes su...

9 St. Louis Lawns that Need Compost Topdressing This Fall

Dowco’s newest lawn composting service was designed for eco-friendly property owners who want the greenest lawn! If you haven’t read the benefits of lawn composting yet – check out this link first:

The Benefits of Lawn Composting

Here is a specific list of 9 St. Louis lawns that will benefit from ad...

Fall Lawn Composting for the Greenest Grass in St. Louis

Just like in Game of Thrones, there is an ongoing battle on your lawn to see who will rise and be the leader. The secret to helping desirable grass to win the battle is by eliminating the competition.

Dowco is here to help you do everything possible to swing the odds in your favor so that you can b...

Quarter 2 Breakfast Celebration

This morning we came together to eat breakfast as a team and celebrate our second quarter wins! We also took some time to gain feedback from the entire staff on what we love and enjoy about working at Dowco as well as the things that the company can improve on.

Summer Landscaping Services for st. Louis

This time of year, neighbors start to notice and comment on beautiful landscapes that look manicured & tidy even through the heat of the summer. We want that neighbor to be you

You could spend your weekends pulling weeds this summer, or you can relax and enjoy your outdoor space, leaving the dirty...

St. Louis Lawn Mowing Rain Delays

Dear Dowco Lawn Mowing Clients,

Why Should I Mulch Around Trees?

Have you ever wondered why some people spend so much time creating a shovel edge and then mulching around the trees in their landscape?

Quarter 1 Celebration Breakfast

This morning we came together to eat breakfast as a team and celebrate our first quarter wins! We also took some time to gain feedback from the entire staff on what we love and enjoy about working at Dowco as well as the things that the company can improve on.

3 Key Factors to Consider for The Best Turf Care Program in St. Louis

If you desire a lush, green lawn this season then you're probably taking time this spring to do a little research. The best St. Louis turf care takes into consideration three factors.

What to Look for in a St. Louis Mulching Company

Your Dowco mulch project receives 3 important things.  First a world class bed cleanup, followed by a crisp shovel edge and finally the smooth application of your mulch of choice. 

First: A Spring Bed Cleanup 

During the bed cleanup, any remaining ornamental grasses are cut low and as level as possib...

Spring Aeration & Seeding in St. Louis

During the spring we receive quite a few calls from people who ask, "How much do you charge for core aeration in the spring?"  And our short answer is nothing!

As a general rule of thumb, spring is not the best time to aerate and seed your your St. Louis lawn and this is why.

Spring is the time to pu...

Making Better Decisions about Your Chesterfield Lawn Mowing

“Decisions are the hardest thing to make, especially when it’s a choice between where you should be and where you want to be.” – Anonymous

Have you ever had to choose between two options?

  • Before work: Change the oil in your car or prepare and eat a healthy breakfast?
  • After work: See your kids in a ...

The Best Time to Kill Weeds in Your St. Louis Lawn

When it comes to caring for a lawn, everyone will need to get rid of weeds at one point or another, and for many it is a constant battle to keep weeds under control. The younger your lawn is, the more susceptible it is to weeds that will grow in between the young and relatively weak blades of grass...

What St. Louis Lawn Care Program is Best for Me?

If you were to drive through all of the different neighborhoods spread across the St. Louis landscape, there are tens of thousands of beautiful lawns. Our city is a sprawling metropolitan area with many cultural and geographic divisions which gives property owners a diverse selection of lawn and lan...

Team Building Session: Paper Airplanes

Steve M., a Dowco field supervisor, organized an awesome team building game for us to play involving paper airplanes. The two teams had to build the exact same paper airplane using terribly vague instructions. Then, the teams competed head to head to see which plane flew further.The point was - some...

5 Tips For Finding the Best Lawn Care Company in St. Louis

Your green lawn is a valuable part of your landscaping because it provides an area for outdoor play and entertainment for you and your family to enjoy.  Could you imagine playing in a backyard that has knee-high grass filled with bugs and weeds? Yuck!

A healthy, green lawn helps your family relax, bu...

Selecting a Shade Tree for Your St. Louis Landscaping

If you have ever driven through the streets of an old neighborhood you know how much impact a large shade tree can make. They tower amongst the houses blocking out the intense rays of sun from the yards and streets below. These urban giants have been growing in these locations sometimes over a hundr...

3 Container Gardening Tips to Enhance Your St. Louis Home Landscaping

I love flowers, and nothing is more welcoming than a beautiful flower display at your entryway.

Here are some tips to guarantee the best display on the block!

What to Say When You Meet With Your St. Louis Landscape Contractor

The statement made famous by Dorothy in the classic movie The Wizard of Oz is true, “There is no place like home.” And with that, there is no one that knows your home like you do. This very concept is the basis on why regular site visits with your St. Louis landscape contractor are extremely importa...

Late Winter Game Plan: An Update on Current Services

The last week brought us all sorts of weather conditions from a snowy, rainy, icy weekend to a beautiful day filled with sunshine today! 

Why Should I prune During a St. Louis Winter?

TJ and Matt help to explain a few of the reasons Dowco performs winter trimming and pruning for our clients.

In the winter time, there is a lot less pressure from disease and insects so it allows us to be more aggressive with REDUCTION pruning. It also gives us the ability to see the structure of th...

St. Louis Landscaping: Three Types of Winter Trimming and Pruning

Most people only think of pruning their shrubs when they see them looking overgrown in early to mid-summer after their full spring flush.  This is because they’re looking especially shaggy. Some may even appear to be outgrowing their location! 

Instead of making drastic cuts in the peak of the season...

Continued Excitement in 2016

Happy New Year!

We are very excited about our clients that have already chose to spend the upcoming seasons with us. Our goal is to have 90% of our clients retained by February 1st and we expect to hit that!  Here's a quick update on the really exciting things that are happening around here! 

Email WhiteListing

Thank you for subscribing to Chesterfield's best lawn and landscape company emails!

Dowco Holiday Party 2015

Happy Holidays!

As the year comes to an end, we want to thank you for being a part of the Dowco family. The combination of your support and energy makes us want to work harder to be able to serve you with excellence in 2016. 

We hope that you're able to enjoy your family and friends over the holiday...

The Best Snow and Ice Removal Service Options for Chesterfield, MO

Winter is quickly approaching and it won’t be long until you need to decide on how your snow and ice will be handled this year!

In Chesterfield, MO there are a few options for your residential or commercial snow removal and it is important to take into consideration the different scope of driveways ...

How Winter Shrub Pruning Can Reduce Your Costs

Here in St. Louis, we are used to trimming and pruning our shrubs regularly during the growing season.

If we don't, common plantings like Boxwoods, Burning Bush, Viburnum and Spirea get large and out of control!  

But, did you know that winter shrub pruning can reduce your trimming costs during the ...

The Dowco Differences in Chesterfield, MO Snow Removal Service

All Chesterfield, MO snow removal service providers are not created equal. 

Our company mission statement is to: “provide top quality professional services for those who want the best!”

To meet our commitment, we strive to set ourselves apart from the competition through the Dowco Differences.

Here ...

Chesterfield, MO Commercial Snow Removal Pricing, Contracts & Bid Tips

Whether we like it or not, snow season is among us!

When you have a business in Chesterfield, MO, hiring a snow and ice management contractor is essential.

Without this service, your business could take a major hit. You could lose important customers and vital revenue for your business during the ...

Neighbor's Night Out Event 2015

Dowco is a big fan of the company N2Publishing because they provide monthly magazines to our clients based upon their small subdivisions.  This gives homeowners the ability to meet new neighbors, share rides, find service vendors, sell stuff, offer babysitting opportunities, become friends and more! 

3 Common Residential Snow Removal Mistakes and How to Prevent Them

It's 3:00 AM and a winter storm is bearing down in Chesterfield. You are snug and cozy in your warm bed dreaming about the big presentation you have at work in the morning.

When you wake up at your normal time you are shocked to find we received 5 inches of heavy, wet snow while you were getting yo...

Landscape Cleanup Wildwood, MO

One of our long time, loyal clients asked us to help her at her mom's house.  The current situation included a lot of overgrown plants, dead trees, and healthy weeds.

After Dowco performed this landscape cleanup in Wildwood, MO, the home looked completely different! 

When is the Best Time to Hire a Residential Snow Removal Company?

When it comes to snow and ice, proactive thinking is always best. The best way to cool off in the heat of the summer is to THINK SNOW! That’s right… while most are enjoying pool parties, building sand castles, and hosting cookouts, residential snow removal companies are already in full-swing plannin...

DIY Residential Snow Removal Tips

Snow!  If you live in St. Louis, MO then you either love it or hate it.

Regardless of where your feelings fall on the pendulum, if snow is covering your driveway, and you’ve got to get out, then you need a plan.

Let’s start with simply shoveling the driveway. This requires the smallest amount of mon...

Choosing the Best Snow Plowing Company For Your Property

Choosing a snow plowing company for your property isn’t always an easy task.

Whether you're a homeowner, a property manager, or a subdivision trustee, you are looking for protection for yourself, your family, your employees, your clients, or your neighbors.

You rely on the snow plowing company that...

When is the Best Time to Hire a Commercial Snow Removal Company?

When it comes to snow and ice, proactive thinking is always best. The best way to cool off in the heat of the summer is to THINK SNOW! That’s right… while most are enjoying pool parties, building sand castles, and hosting cookouts, commercial snow removal companies are already in full-swing planning...

Chesterfield Landscaping project: Boulder Steps

This Dowco client has grandkids who come over frequently.  She is in the process of building a swing set and playground area in the backyard, and asked Dowco to install steps that she could use to walk down the hillside.

Snow and Ice Management Tips: How to Select an Ice Melt Product

After a winter storm that starts off with freezing rain and sleet, you pick yourself up off the ground rubbing what hurts wondering, “Why didn’t I get that salt down before the ice got here?”

All it takes is one mishap to make sure you have some ice melt for the next time Mother Nature steers the st...

Leaf Cleanup Chesterfield, MO

Leaf cleanup isn't a chore for the weekends.

Leaf it to the professionals at Dowco!   

Leaf Cleanup Chesterfield, MO

Our crews are equipped with huge, industrial sized, walk behind leaf blowers to make cleanup fast and easy.

Leaf Vacuuming Chesterfield, MO 

Forget the days of bagging your leaves on ...

Chesterfield, Mo Landscape Company Cleanup Job

Are you feeling overwhelmed with the amount of work that your landscaping needs?  Wondering where to even begin?

Here is a yard that Dowco transformed in one day by cleaning the weeds and leaves out of the beds, trimming and pruning the existing shrubs, removing dead trees, and installing fresh mul...

Chesterfield, MO Snow Removal Service

If you've ever been trapped in your own driveway or not able to walk up to the front door of your office building, then you know how important reliable and timely snow removal services are! 

When the snow falls, Dowco is the premier choice for snow removal and ice control in Chesterfield, MO. 


Chesterfield Landscaping Bed Redesign

Check out these before and after photos of a Chesterfield Landscaping bed that Dowco replanted for one of our clients this summer.  

Landscaping Cleanup in Chesterfield

Check out these before and after photos of a Chesterfield Landscaping Project that Dowco completed for one of our lawn and landscape maintenance clients!

Chesterfield, MO landscaping project

After living in his Chesterfield, MO house for many years, this Dowco client was ready for his front and side yard to have a facelift! 

St. Louis Irrigation Shut Down Service

Dowco’s St. Louis irrigation shut down service will ensure that your pipes are properly blown out & your system doesn’t get freeze damage through the winter.

The leaves have started changing color and the temperatures are cooling and it’s time to think about shutting down your irrigation system and...

Deep Root Feeding Trees And Shrubs in The Chilly Fall Months

What does it mean to “deep root feed” your plants?

Deep root feeding is the practice of using a probe to inject liquid fertilizer directly to the soil closely surrounding tree and shrub roots.

By injecting the food, you are making it readily available to the small feeder roots which can uptake the ...

Landscape Jobs With Training and Team Building

We played Pictionary as a fun team building activity designed to help us think of ways that we can solve client's problems when we're on their sites.

Landscaping Chesterfield Missouri

Check out these before & after photos from a Dowco client who moved into the area from out of state. 

Fall Landscape Cleanup Services

Some of our clients have asked us about cutting back their ornamental grasses already. This is a fabulous best practice for fall and Dowco can take care of it during a Fall Bed Cleanup service. 

When plants have gone dormant their leaves will yellow and brown and they will break away from the plant ...

St. Louis Lawn and Landscaping Challenges

Maintaining your lawn and landscaping in St. Louis can be challenging and this year was especially fun! 

2015 started out like so many others: moderate snowfall, average temperatures, and a spring that seemed like it would never arrive.

While June is Missouri’s wettest month with an average of 4.28 ...

Landscaping Service In Chesterfield, Mo: Rainwater Solution

Check out this landscaping project we recently finished at a Chesterfield, MO client’s home! 

St. Louis County Leaf Cleanup & Removal Options

Leaf removal doesn't have to break your back or your bank this fall!

Dowco's leaf cleanup and leaf vacuuming services will help remove leaves from all areas around your property including: 

  • Lawn
  • Flower beds
  • Decks, porches & patios
  • Driveways, sidewalks & steps
  • Curbs & ditches

6 Ways to Make Your St. Louis Lawn & Landscape Thrive in October

As of September 23rd, it is officially Autumn!  With the seasons changing, there are a few outdoor to-do items that should be completed within the next month.

4 Ways to Cure "Spring Landscaping Envy" For Every St. Louis Homeowner

Do you suffer from spring landscape envy?

Does it seem like every time the weather starts warming up from winter, your neighbors have bursts of colorful blooms in their garden and you don't?

Here are some fall plantings that must take place this fall so that you can reap the rewards after the chilly...

Lawn Overseeding 101

Did you know that a single blade of grass only lives an average of 40 days before it dies? Our lawns are constantly working to produce new blades to replace the ones that have died back. 

How to Prepare for Aeration 2015

How to Prepare Your Lawn for its Big Day!

Now that you’re set up for aeration with Dowco, it’s time to prepare the grounds. Please review the following FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS. 

What needs to be flagged?

  • Flag all irrigation heads and valve boxes.
  • Flag the invisible dog fence approximately every ...

How to Get Rid of Crabgrass in Lawn

What a crazy summer it’s been! If you’re living in St. Louis, by now you’ve probably experienced a few things going on with your lawn: Brown spots (turf disease), nutsedge (commonly called nut grass or water grass), and crabgrass. Does this sound about right? 

Even in Dowco lawns we’ve seen an unusu...

Fall Aeration & Overseeding FAQ

If you plan to aerate and overseed with Dowco this year, please keep reading! We answer the most frequently asked questions regarding fall aeration and overseeding.

Is Lawn Aeration Necessary?

What a summer!  

3 Ways to Determine Your Landscape Style

“Can you come over and help me with my yard?”  I hear this all the time. Questions like where do I start? What should I plant? Can you just do it for me?

How to Trim & Prune Training Video

Dowco's production manager offers tips and tricks on trimming and pruning tees and shrubs.

Includes valuable information on: 

  • How far back to cut woody plants 
  • How to start trimming a boxwood
  • Information on cleaning out water sprouts 
  • Pruning suckers to ground level
  • Where to prune a branch on a tre...

Write a Google Review for Dowco

We'd like to ask a huge favor of you... Could you take 1 minute, jump over to Google and review our business?  

Turf Fungus and Disease 2015

Temperatures are predicted to be in the high 90's this week and the humidity is high. These environmental factors are prime living conditions for fungus and disease to thrive in your turf. 

4 Steps to a Quick and Easy Spring Container Garden

Creating a spring container garden is fun and easy! If you’re like me and live in a smaller space with less room for gardening, or simply prefer the look of containers, then container gardening is for you!

Quote & Mission Statement

At each of our weekly training meetings we finish up with two things. The first is a quote which is chosen by whoever led the training. It can be anything they want and usually it is something inspirational or related to the topic.

The second thing we end with is the Dowco Mission Statement. The tra...

Morning Team Stretch

Every morning our entire staff meets in the shop at 7:45 to start the day together. We play music, talk to each other and get in a couple of stretches before going over notes for the day. We acknowledge each other with atta-boys and recognize our peers for going above and beyond at work. At the begi...

Weed Identification St. Louis

When you have a great lawn that you can be proud of your dreams will come to life! Imagine the kids playing catch, hanging out in the backyard for BBQs and enjoying the company of your friends and family with a weed-free turf. The experts at Dowco understand the challenges that growing a great lawn ...

Your First Day at Dowco

Watch this video before you arrive to work at Dowco for your first day. Information on what to bring, where to go and what to expect. We can't wait to see you! 

Spring Annual Install Training

How to install spring annuals. Includes tips on planning, using your time wisely, installing compost or organic material, spacing & depth of flowers, fertilizing, and cleanup.

St. Louis Weed Control Methods

Methods for Controlling Weeds

Selective herbicides, commonly known as weed killers, are products designed to be toxic to weeds and disrupt their lifecycle stage while leaving the desired turfgrass unharmed.  

Many St. Louis weeds are treated using premergence and/or postemergence herbicides. St. Loui...

Labor Shortage May Update

A letter that we recently sent to our clients regarding an update about our current labor situation:

For almost forty years, Dowco has been providing exceptional services and management of exterior grounds in the St. Louis area. We take great pride in working alongside you, and alongside our team to...

Spring Lawn and Landscaping Mistakes

Free gardening labor must be supervised when dealing with weeds in a perennial garden. 

We were going to host a wedding at our house and the groom had a couple of teenage sons who wanted to help out. We were weeding, edging, and mulching like crazy. When I saw what was being wheeled to the woods, I...

Classifying St. Louis Lawn Weeds

Why do Weeds Exist?

Understanding the specific weed problem you have can uncover indicators of unfavorable conditions. 

For example, knotweed frequently occurs in areas of severe soil compaction, ground ivy thrives under trees where there is insufficient sunlight and red sorrel is usually indicative...

St. Louis Lawn Weed Control Service

The Problem with Weeds

Weeds are defined as any undesirable plant. When a weed enters your turf, it’s not only undesirable but also unsightly and causes a disturbance to the overall value of your landscape. Well maintained lawns in St. Louis are not only appealing, but have become virtually expected...

Common Lawn Watering Problems

Does Your Lawn & Landscape have a Drinking Problem? 

Did you know that 60% of a person’s household water consumption can go towards their lawn and garden maintenance? This information from National Geographic is why identifying trouble spots where water is being wasted in your St. Louis lawn and lan...

Nationwide Labor Shortage

Recently the Department of Labor stopped processing requests for the H2B program, which has helped supply our legal labor force for the past 15 years or so.

How to Protect Plants from Frost in Late Spring

 “OMG – Did you hear what Dave Murray said about temperatures tonight!”

5 Benefits of using lawn care companies

Everyone knows the importance of having a beautiful lawn. The added curb appeal is a no brainer whether you're trying to sell your house or if you're in it for the long haul! 

How to Keep Deer Out of Your Garden

 “Bambi, Get out of my garden or I’m calling a hunter!”

The Dowco Differences

This week we had a training session on the Dowco Differences. Owner, Maurice Dowell, talks to the crews about what makes us the best landscape company in Chesterfield, MO! 

How to Grow Night-Blooming Moonflowers From Seed

Here are three videos that will help you to grow beautiful moon flowers from seed. 

Spring DIY Gardening Suggestions

When you can’t stand the cabin fever any longer, and the forecast is for a warm and pleasant weekend, many of us gardeners can’t wait to get out and get our hands dirty.

Seasonal Color Options that Perform Better than Roses

The Trouble with Roses 

Roses have long been the go to choice for flower lovers looking for a long late summer show. For years gardeners sprayed and pruned and sprayed and fertilized and pruned some more to keep their hybrid tea and climbing roses looking wonderful. Then one day we were given the Kn...

6 Steps to have the worst looking yard on the block!

Ok so maybe this article is a little far-fetched. But some of these things we've actually seen! The best lawn care company in Chesterfield would never let these situations happen to you!  But if you do want to have a horrible landscape, keep on reading! 

Meet Your 2015 Dowco Team!

35 years of experience in the green industry has produced a team of professionals who know what it takes to be successful. 

Winter Watering for St. Louis Gardeners

Nobody likes to suddenly notice dead plants in their garden, but the last couple of years have been tough for St. Louis gardeners.

6 DIY tips to Prevent Winter Damage on Trees and Shrubs

There are 3 main types of damage that trees & shrubs suffer from during the winter.Once we have an understanding of the types of winter damage on trees and shrubs we will be able to better prevent them. 

Chesterfield, MO Commercial Snow Removal

Choosing a snow removal provider for your commercial property isn’t always an easy task. If you are looking for a provider, you’re looking for protection for your employees, customers, or residents if you’re part of your community’s HOA. You rely on the snow removal provider to ensure everyone can s...

Dowco's 2014 Photo Recap!

Dowco has a lot of memories from 2014! Here are some photos we wanted to share as we recap this amazing year! You can click on any of the photos to enlarge it.

Colorful Winter Container Plantings

People always a search to find a way to bring color into their landscape during the wintertime. There are plants that are amazing accents to the garden but sometimes you don’t have the space or the money to add these specimens to your yard. Colorful winter container plantings are the answer!

Dowco's Bill Payment Options

Many of you have been clients for years and years! We are thankful for your loyalty!

Others who are new may not be aware of the many options we have to pay your bill. If you are tired of writing checks, want to receive less mail, prefer to get points on your credit card, have a paypal account, or wa...

4 Best Plant Privacy Screen Options

A popular topic for residential homeowners is privacy. How do homeowners achieve privacy when many subdivisions and homeowners associations don’t allow fences? The answer is a plant privacy screen.

St. Louis Winter Watering Tips

At Dowco, we often get lots of questions regarding winter watering tips. During a normal mid-November, you would still have plenty of time to plan and prepare but a cold spell appears to be settling in for the remainder of the month so, ACT FAST.

The weather forecast for the end of November 2014 lo...

Does my Lawn Need Fall Fertilization?

The Importance of Fall Fertilization in St. Louis County Lawns

For the vast majority of our clients, fall fertilization is included in your turf fertilization and weed control package. However, when people are budgeting or looking to cut something out and they usually try skipping the last fall f...

3 Simple Steps to Prepare Your Containers for Winter Weather

The days are growing shorter and winter is on its way. Outside of normal garden clean up there are things to do to prepare for winter. I often get the question, “how do I set myself up for success next spring”? There are many things that you can do that will set you off on the right foot. I will dis...

How can I tell if my tree is dead or dormant?

One of the questions that we get a lot this time of year from our clients is, “How can I tell if my tree is dead or dormant?”

5 Facts You May Not Know About Halloween

1. Dressing up

Halloween was derived by a Celtic tradition. A Celtic festival in Ireland called Samhain, celebrated the end of the harvest season. The people dressed up to confuse or trick any evil spirits.

3 Simple Fall and Winter Décor Ideas for the Whole Family

Here are 3 simple fall and winter decor ideas for the whole family!


Make a day out of this fun decorating idea. Take the family to a local pumpkin patch, pick out the perfect pumpkin, bring them back to the house and have a carving party! You can even roast the seeds for a tasty snack! Th...

Featured Client: The Bachman Family

"We have been Dowco clients since moving to Missouri in 1997. Over the 17+ years, Dowco has worked with us on annual lawn cutting and care. As with all lawns, we have been challenged over the years with grubs, fungus and nutsedge. Dowco monitors these challenges and always ensures the right care at ...

St. Louis Fall Container Gardening

There are many reasons to choose containers in your garden, and here are just a few:

  • Container gardens are great when you have limited space to work with like in a condominium or an apartment.
  • They provide easy and simple access for individuals of all abilities.
  • If your ground soil is unsuitable, ...

Plants that Provide Interest during Fall & Winter in St. Louis

The summer is officially over and another growing season is coming to an end. As we head into fall, and eventually the drabness of winter, we look for anything that can help bring color and life to our days.

7 Yard Safety Tips

Yard safety is a HUGE component of what we talk about at Dowco. We want to prepare our crews for everything that may happen during a day in the life of working outside and in Chesterfield lawns and landscapes! Here are 7 tips that will help protect you if you're working in your yard this year.

4 Benefits of Mulching Around Trees

There are 4 main benefits of mulching around trees. Not only is it aesthetically appealing, but mulch also helps to protect your trees and landscape.

Featured Client: The Gilbride Residence

"Dowco has been doing our entire yard for 3 years. Never, ever had a problem with anything! Grass looks great and is always cut in a timely manner. They communicate very well which is a breath of fresh air in today's world of customer service (or lack thereof). They handle maintenance of all plantin...

How To Encourage New Seed Growth

Did you aerate and over-seed your turf this year?

Here are some best practices to care for your baby seedlings and encourage new seed growth

Common Bulb Planting Mistakes

Gardener’s tasks can sometimes be very tough ones! The newbie want to learn new techniques, but even the seasoned veterans will occasionally plant something erroneously in their garden. That’s the fun part about landscaping because it’s okay to make it up as you go!

The Importance of a Fall Bed Cleanup

A fall bed clean up is a great practice that will best prepare your beds for the next season.

In a fall bed clean up spent perennials will be dead headed or cut back, pocketed leaves will be removed, weeds will be pulled and the beds will be raked smooth. Summer annuals will also be removed if need...

Featured Client: The Colangione Family

Click the photos below to enlarge:

“Dowco has done a great job for my turf. I used their fertilization program one year then switched to somebody else. I came back to Dowco after unsatisfactory results. I did everything Dowco recommended including the renovation package - double aeration and ove...

What St. Louis Subdivision Trustees Should Look for in a Lawn & Landscape Provider

Are you delighted with the current landscaping company your subdivision is working with? Here are some tips on looking for the right company for your St. Louis subdivision commonground or HOA:

August Outdoor To Do List

August is here! To most of us that means summer is drawing to a close and the kids will be back in school before you know it. Hopefully you’ve been able to enjoy the mild weather that we’ve had in St. Louis this season! Here are some of the things you’ll need to remember in your garden this August.

7 Fascinating Reasons to Use Ornamental Grasses in Your Landscape

There are over 7,000 different species of Gramineae, the botanical family that ornamental grasses are found in. Ornamental grasses are a bit remarkable in the garden because they don’t have pretty flowers to use as a reproduction tool. Instead, they rely on the wind to blow their pollen into the air...

Featured Client: The Chadwick Family

The Chadwick Family in Pine Creek Subdivision, Chesterfield enjoys hanging out by the pool on warm summer days. Dowco has given them this ability because they don't have to worry about yard work!

Fall Overseeding FAQ!

If you plan to aerate and overseed with Dowco this year, please keep reading! 

We answer the most frequently asked questions regarding fall aeration and overseeding.

Curb Appeal For Selling Your Home

Are you ready to sell your home? Did you know that having an attractive and well-maintained landscape can add up to 10% value of your home?

Here are some benefits of landscaping when selling your home.

8 Benefits of Core Aeration and Overseeding

Normal wear and tear on your lawn throughout the season causes stress to the turf. This fall, it is important to aerate and overseed your turf for a thick, lush lawn next year!

Fabulous Fourth of July Annual Color Combinations

Are you looking for some red, white and blue flowers for the July 4th Holiday? Look no further!

July Outdoor To Do List

In July, rainfall becomes scarce and the plants in your landscape will do their best to conserve energy and slow down growth. Many times during July we’re busy celebrating summer and often go out of town. Be sure to give your plants the special attention they need this month.

Dowco's Featured Client: The Lewen Residence

Mark & Joan Lewen have been loyal Dowco clients since April 1994. In those 20 years, they've seen Dowco mature into a full service company while still maintaining a personal touch. Click here to see photos of their beautiful outdoor space.

All You Ever Wanted to Know About Spider Mites

Spider mites come in many different species, but the one thing they have in common is that they are so tiny they're often hard to see by the naked eye. This makes identifying them difficult.

St. Louis Fire Blight Epidemic

Why are my trees turning brown? It could be Fire Blight.


Fire blight is caused by a bacterium, Erwinia Amylovora. Over the winter, bacteria hide out in bark lesions on trees and shrubs. When spring arrives with warm, wet weather, the bacteria "come alive" resulting in ooze that comes out of ...

St. Louis Summer Watering Tips for Turf, Trees & Shrubs

Water is the number one necessity for all living things. We as humans have the ability to find water for ourselves; we carry our water bottles around, stop at a drinking fountain or could even go stick our head in a stream if we needed to. Plants are not so lucky. They rely on Mother Nature to get t...

Turf Disease Season St. Louis

It's turf disease season in St. Louis!

If you're wondering why your turf is turning brown, even though it's had plenty of rain and moisture. Keep reading. You may have a fungus in your turf.

Rose Rosette Virus In St. Louis

Rose rosette virus is a disease that has become a prevalent threat to all ornamental roses in St. Louis.

Are You a Weed Puller?

When it comes to controlling weeds in your garden beds, which solution is best for you?

So your beds are cleaned, edged and mulched and you've shown your neighbors the WOW factor of your spring landscape!

June Outdoor To Do List

Summer has arrived! So has the heat. While you vacation or enjoy the pool, some of your plants don’t have that opportunity. Here’s our list of tips to take care of them in this hot month.

5 Simple Photography Tips to Win $300 in Dowco’s Terrific Turf Contest!

Have you decided to participate in Dowco’s Terrific Turf Contest? If you have a lush, thick, green lawn all you have to do is submit a photo of it to us by June 11th. Then, we’ll post them online to collect votes. Here are some helpful photography tips to get you closer to winning $300!

5 Often Overlooked Tips for Planting Trees and Shrubs in Spring

Fall is typically recognized as the best time for planting trees and shrubs. However, with proper care, spring is still a great time to enhance your property with the addition or replacement of landscape plantings.

The Gladstone Family

Mr. & Mrs. Gladstone have been loyal Chesterfield clients since 2007. We love working with them at their home and their office. They've even given some goldfish from their pond to the boss! Here's what they shared about their Dowco experience.

4 Simple Fixes to Common Irrigation System Problems

Irrigation systems have a lot of moving parts and will occasionally need some maintenance. Here are 4 ways to fix your common irrigation system problems.

5 Beginner Facebook Tips to Win $300 in Dowco’s Terrific Turf Contest!

Have you decided to participate in Dowco's Terrific Turf Contest? If you have a lush, thick, green lawn all you have to do is submit a photo of it to us by June 11th. Then, we'll post them online to collect votes. Here are some helpful, beginner Facebook tips to get you closer to winning $300!

May Outdoor To Do List

Spring is sprung & warmer weather is here to stay!

When is the Right Time to Trim and Prune my Trees & Shrubs in St. Louis?

Knowing the proper way to trim and prune your shrubs starts first with knowing when to trim them. The timing can affect many aspects of your plants health including viability and flowering.

The Importance of Trimming and Pruning Trees and Shrubs

All over the St. Louis, Chesterfield and St. Albans areas we’ve seen an increase in the number of trees and shrubs that are being installed in landscapes and the diversity in plants is multiplying. This new awareness from the public in assorted plants requires specialized pruning techniques.


Winning the War Against Crabgrass!

Do you look at your lawn hoping to see a velvety carpet of perfect green turf, only to find tufts and clumps of raggedy crabgrass? Don’t be troubled! There are steps to take to rid your lawn of this “opportunistic weed” as well as prevent it from returning or appearing in the first place.

Here is a ...

Flowering Pear Trees, The Signal of Spring!

Well, after another typically atypical winter season, spring has finally arrived on our dreary doorstep. What better sign to usher in spring than the explosion of white across the county- the Bradford Pears have popped! God has such an ironic sense of humor - we are tired of snowfall, but elated at...

Meet Terry!

Terry holds an Associates degree in Applied Science with an emphasis in Horticulture and Turf.

He comes to Dowco with 10 years of Green Industry experience; splitting his time in maintenance at a prestigious private golf club and managing a nursery and hardscape retailer/wholesaler.

Last Frost Preparation and Patience

It happens every year, the big box retailers scurry around each spring to be the first to bring the new crop spring and summer annuals. So marketing geniuses make lots of money predicting the arrival of spring, and thus plan for their annual arrivals just in time.

7 Landscape Tricks for a More Efficient Irrigation System

We recently wrote on a topic How to Save Water with Your Irrigation System and people asked for more ideas! So we listened! Sometimes it's not the irrigation system that has a problem and there are simpler and more cost effective ways to solve a common issue. An efficient irrigation system is a huge...

St. Louis Lawn Mowing Tips and FAQ

Lawn mowing in St. Louis begins in late March or early April and ends after the leaves fall and before the winter hits in St. Louis. 

Here are 4 frequently asked questions about St. Louis lawn mowing.

April Outdoor To Do List

It’s finally April and spring has arrived! Here's a list of 5 fun St. Louis spring activities to accomplish this April. It also includes things to do in the month of April in your garden.

Winter Burn in St. Louis Plants

As our reluctant spring weather may finally arrive, and with a little sunshine we will find ourselves outside enjoying our landscapes more and more. Behind us was a winter loaded with snow and colder than recent memory temperatures. School children rejoiced with extra days of school because wise sup...

How to Save Water with Your Irrigation System

In St. Louis, we are used to scorching hot summers. We hear all the time from clients you want your lawns to stay lush and green, but you are also concerned about how to save money with your irrigation system. Just as you routinely change the oil in your car, you must also inspect and adjust your ir...

3 Steps for a Jaw-Dropping Spring Landscape

Ever wonder how the best St. Louis landscape companies make their spring cleanups look so good? The secret is skipping the short cuts.

3 Tips on How to Choose a St. Louis Lawn and Landscape Maintenance Provider

Hiring a lawn and landscape maintenance provider is an advantageous investment when you consider that a well-maintained property can add anywhere from 5-15% to your home’s value. To make the selection process easy, Dowco has developed a simple list of 3 questions to ask prospective St. Louis lawn an...

When Should I Overseed My Lawn? Spring or Fall?

Many people ask us, "When should I overseed my lawn?" During spring, plants are blooming and growing, so naturally we think spring would be the best time to plant grass seed. However, spring likely isn’t the best time to overseed your lawn. Here’s why.

More Time to Enjoy Life without Lawn Care Management

"I love gardening but with 2 busy, teenage girls and a husband with an aversion to yard work, I have to keep it simple. Dowco has been keeping my lawn care free for over 15 years so I can do what I love best.

Sunpatiens Transformation

T & G have been Dowco clients since the early 2000's. G loves Impatiens, but they never made it in this always sunny spot in her front yard. Last year T& G and their Dowco account manager, planted Sunpatiens in their front yard as an experiment to see how they would do in this difficult spot and as ...

March Outdoor To Do List

Spring begins on March 20th! Here are your March Outdoor to do list items that should be taken care of as we officially enter into the spring season! If you are a Dowco client, many of these services will be done for you!

Storm Cleanup

If you have lived in St. Louis you know that April showers really do bring May flowers! But you also know the showers are not limited to specific months and that each storm is different in how long it lasts, the damage it causes, and the storm cleanup required. Spring is by far the wettest season in...

Meet Your Dowco Team 2014

Thank you for your trust and confidence in Dowco. Please take a moment to meet your Dowco team! Here's to another great season!

Popular Spring Blooming Trees in St. Louis

Spring blooming trees or spring flowering trees bring your garden to life early in the year with their frilly petals and fragrant aroma. The dynamic flower show you receive in March through May from the spring blooming trees is something to look forward to after a blistering cold winter. The best sp...

February Outdoor To Do List

Anyone else have cabin fever yet? We are so tired of the dreary days and blistering cold temperatures. Our February outdoor to do list for this month, we focused on local, St. Louis events to help get you out of the house and having fun!

Landscaping & Garden Trends 2014

New garden trends, lawn trends, and landscaping trends as predicted by green industry experts. Including drought tolerant plants, simple and elegant containers, and gardening for the greater good.

Scale Pests: What are they and How to Manage

A scale is an insect that can cause serious damage to plants depending on the type. Most people do not identify scale as insects because the females and nymphs are wingless, immobile, and usually have no sign of a defined body or head. An adult male scale is tiny delicate insects with one pair of wi...

Dowco’s 2013 Survey Results

This is an important month around Dowco for reflection and planning. When we aren’t mowing grass, there is still a lot to be done!

Last year we sent a survey to our clients to learn about what matters most to you.

We asked you to choose a word or phrase that you would use to tell your best friend ab...

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