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3 Simple Fall and Winter Décor Ideas for the Whole Family

fall & winter decor ideas

Here are 3 simple fall and winter decor ideas for the whole family!


Make a day out of this fun decorating idea. Take the family to a local pumpkin patch, pick out the perfect pumpkin, bring them back to the house and have a carving party! You can even roast the seeds for a tasty snack! The best way to carve a perfect pumpkin is to find stencils or draw your design on the pumpkin before carving.

fall & winter decor ideas


Planting containers!

Take the kids to a local nursery and have them pick out a few different fall plants to create a seasonal container! Some popular plants for fall containers include kale, mums, strawflower, purple fountain grasses, and pansies. For winter containers you can use hollies, Dogwood stems, pine cones, and pine, spruce, juniper, or arborvitae branches.

fall & winter decor ideas



Wreaths aren’t just for the winter. There are plenty of ways to create wreaths from items in your own backyard and home! The wreaths can include pine cones, leaves of all shapes and colors, twigs, fall flowers, wheat, acorns, gumballs, and ornamental grasses. You can make the color last longer on the leaves by painting and/or adding glitter to various items on the wreath. Kids can even make their own leaves with construction paper by tracing a leaf on to paper then cutting it out and decorating them.

fall & winter decor ideas



Candle holders, center pieces, and garlands can all be created with household and yard items. Check out Pinterest for other DIY ideas!

fall & winter decor ideas

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