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Best Lawn Care Company in St. Louis Now Offering Triple Aeration

Matt_aerating.jpgSoil compaction is one of the primary reasons that grass won’t grow to its potential. Whether the result of mowing, foot or pet traffic or irrigation; soil compaction restricts the movement of oxygen, nutrients and water to the lawn. As a result, the grass grows slowly and poorly and soon becomes susceptible to drought, disease, and insect damage. [http://www.lawnandlandscape.com/article/ll-031815-aerate-aeration-equipment/]

Aeration equipment removes 1.5 to 3 inch plugs of soil to allow moisture, air & nutrients down to the root zone. A double aeration takes the form of two passes in opposite directions. A triple aeration adds one more pass with the aerator, multiplying the opportunity for a successful lawn.

Core aeration is an essential lawn maintenance practice in St. Louis for the following reasons: 

  • Reduces soil compaction

Just as you wouldn’t try to plant a flower in concrete… a rock hard, compacted soil bed is not conducive to a great lawn either! Whether or not you are over-seeding this year, loose soil allows grass roots to plunge deeper into the soil to find vital water resources in times of stress.

  • Reduces thatch

Thatch is made up of grass stems and roots that accumulate faster than they breakdown. Excessive thatch creates an environment that is favorable to pests and disease.

  • Allows access to the root zone

By penetrating the soil, you’re allowing moisture, air, food (fertilizer) down to the root zone where nutrients are absorbed.

  • Enhances seed germination

Grass seeds germinate easily in aerator holes as the holes provide them a place to hide. Grass seed must be in direct contact with topsoil to germinate and will not germinate in thatch.

Dowco's Options:

Dowco’s aeration prices start at $95 and we offer bundles for overseeding at the same time.

Single aeration – chosen by budget conscious property owners who understand the importance of aerating yearly, but do not want to add seed. If you are seeding your lawn, one pass is usually not enough.

Double aeration – the standard option for Dowco. With the purchase of seed, you’ll be upgraded to a double aeration for the price of a single.

Triple aeration – for heavily compacted soils, new construction properties, or lawns that haven’t been aerated in 3 years a triple aeration is a must.

Other Alternatives: 

Alternatively, you could rent an aerator machine from a local home improvement store and DIY. They have small power aerators that you can push or options that you can tow behind a tractor. It is popular for homeowners to share the cost with a couple neighbors and rent an aerator together for the weekend. It’s a very popular time to rent this equipment so make sure you reserve early.

Unfortunately, wearing golf spikes and walking in your lawn is not an alternative to aeration. The less than ½ inch spikes aren’t long enough to penetrate the soil and reach the roots.

Fall is the best time to amend your soil and improve the condition of your lawn. In addition to aerating this fall, many property owners consider overseeding and compost topdressing.  

Interested in learning more? Ask our team of the best lawn care experts for more information and pricing for your triple lawn aeration, seeding and composting this fall.   

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