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How Much Does a Lawn Renovation Cost in St. Louis?

Did you know that a single blade of grass only lives 40 days on average?

Tall Fescue Grass Blades

Each day our lawns are working to produce new blades (called tillers) to replace the old ones. This is why some lawns begin to thin out or look tired over time.

Many people already knows the benefits of aerating and overseeding the clay soil here in St. Louis, so then they start comparing prices and values to choose a lawn care provider to perform a fall renovation.

How Lawn Care Companies Determine Price

The cost of a lawn renovation is almost always directly related to the square footage of your property. Vendors apply a "secret formula" to come up with an average or standard amount of time and material needed to to cover the grounds.

In St. Louis county, the average lawn aeration cost can range from $99 to $300.

"Wait!" You might say. "This is quite a broad range. Besides, I've seen signs for aeration as low as $45!"

When comparing vendors, ask them how many passes they intend to make with the aeration machine. You must make sure you're doing at least a double aeration for the soil in this town! A double pass means the aerator will do a checker-board pattern of the lawn, completing one entire pass of the lawn in one direction, and then a second pass perpendicular to the first pass. With the clay soils in St. Louis, anything less than two passes is almost inconsequential. For new construction or severely compacted lawns, Dowco typically recommends going over the property multiple times.

Comparing lawn care providers to overseed your lawn this fall?

Ask for the lawn care contractor to tell you how many pounds of seed they plan to use for your property. According to the label on seed bags, they recommend 3-7 pounds per thousand square feet depending on the current condition of the lawn. An established lawn may only need 3 pounds, but bare dirt would require 7 pounds or even more.

Seeding_Growth.jpgSt. Louis lawn care companies commonly utilize a satellite image of your house to measure turf area, and input that into a calculator. The bigger the lawn, the more seed that is needed.

But, also take into consideration the current lawn condition. Was it recently seeded or aerated? Are there lots of bare or thin areas? Was the lawn impacted by pests, disease, or weeds all season long?

All of these questions and answers impact the cost of a lawn renovation.

Why do professional lawn renovations cost so much money?

Each step of the lawn renovation process requires a trained lawn technician to completely cover the lawn either by foot, or on an aerator machine; so manual labor (time) plays a big component in the price. In addition, the amount of material that is put down in order to blanket cover a lawn is significant.

Seed is arguably the most important element in a fall lawn renovation. Choosing a selection that works well in sun, shade and in the transition zone is tough. There are so many different types and brands to choose from, all at different price points.

Water control is extremely important in seed establishment. Seed starter mulch pellets are made of recycled paper serves as a great tool for property owners to gauge their watering. This product will reduce water evaporation and run off ensuring that the seeds stay moist, which is essential for germination.Unlike straw, starter mulch contains no weed seeds and will not blow away in wind. It is also biodegradable and requires no cleanup. However, higher end products like this cost more than straw or nothing at all.

Alternative options to lawn renovations

The key to keep in mind is value. How much joy and pleasure does your lawn bring you?


Most likely, the longer your lawn goes without receiving one of these treatments, the more expensive it becomes to repair it in the future. New sod per square foot costs approximately 20-30 times more than aerating and seeding. Most the time, St. Louis homeowners are far better-off investing a less amount each year, than a significantly greater amount every couple of years.

Receive a free lawn renovation quote today!

A lush lawn is a happy lawn! Dowco offers a 3-tiered pricing program for lawn renovations. 

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Dowco has been providing professional lawn renovations in St. Louis for nearly 40 years. Trust your lawn to the experts, so you can enjoy your lawn with friends and family!

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