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4 Simple Fixes to Common Irrigation System Problems

Irrigation systems have a lot of moving parts and will occasionally need some maintenance. Here are 4 ways to fix your common irrigation system problems.

4 simple fixes to common irrigation system problems

1. The fan shaped spray of water is uneven and not allowing for full coverage.


FIX: This is usually indicative of a grain of mud, dirt or debris stuck in the nozzle that can be carefully cleaned out.

2. Irrigation system is running in the rain.


FIX: Rain sensors are a great investment for your irrigation system. They work by detecting measurable rainfall, and then turning off the automatic irrigation valves to prevent unnecessary irrigation.

3. Water is pooling in some areas.


FIX: This may mean that a valve is not fully closing and water is constantly flowing. Install an automated emergency shut off device. This device will save water by automatically shutting off the water when something in the irrigation system breaks.

4. No time to water flowers or container plantings.


FIX: Drip irrigation is a relatively new form of irrigation technology that many homeowners use for their containers. Drip irrigation is about 20% more water efficient than sprinklers are for watering small shrubs and small areas. They’re easy to install and relatively inexpensive.


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