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8 Reasons to Walk Your Garden Every Day

Walking Garden

In every season, there are benefits to walking your garden daily. You’ll reap the rewards spending just ten minutes a day perusing your property.

Here are 8 perks walking your yard offers.

  1. The pause that refreshes. Walk the garden when you get home from work, taking time to slow down and relax. It’s the space in our day when we shift gears from the work life to home life.
  2. Enhance your spiritual life. This walking break in the day offers the opportunity to meditate and pray. It is the time and place where our physical walk connects with my spiritual journey.
  3. Experience the weather. For those of us that work inside this is the time when we can do more than look out the window. We get to feel the climate conditions. And if we take advantage of the opportunity to start our mornings off with a walk, this helps factor the weather into the planning of our day.
  4. Getting outside daily allows us to see and hear the local inhabitants. Birds, frogs, crickets, butterflies and more share our environment; it only takes a few minutes to become aware of our cohabitants.
  5. Exercise: it’s good for us. A ten minute walk burns 25-50 calories depending upon your speed and size.
  6. Companionship: take a family member or friend with you and share the experience, or take the time to chat with your neighbor.
  7. Be a watchful caretaker. The more we wander about our outdoor space, the more we see and notice the subtle changes. Being physically “on site” allows us to monitor and proactively care for our outdoor living space.
  8. Plan for the future. During walks evaluate the current plantings. Decide what you liked and what worked well. Identify spots you would like to change the next season.

garden walk

You’ve invested and maintained your property, are you taking advantage of all it offers? We'd love to schedule a time to meet with you on your site and walk your garden!

Dowco is the premier provider of lawn care and landscape maintenance services. We are committed to improving the quality of your life so that you can spend time doing the things you want to do! Our full service menu includes weekly maintenance of your property, plant health visits, and modern site enhancements.


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