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Curb Appeal For Selling Your Home

Are you ready to sell your home? Did you know that having an attractive and well-maintained landscape can add up to 10% value of your home?

benefits of landscape when selling house

Here are some benefits of landscaping when selling your home.

First impression

Most potential buyers’ first impression of a home comes from its curb appeal. A beautiful landscape is the first thing someone sees looks at when they look for a new home. Well-maintained landscaping will give the buyers an inviting feeling and sense that the home is well cared for.

Tip: Many homebuyers also look for native plants that are easy to maintain.


Buyers also look at the amount of privacy provided by landscaping. Surrounding your home with trees and shrubs can show the potential homeowner that they won’t have to be bothered by neighbors or cars driving by.

Reduce energy costs

Raise your hand if you are looking for a high energy bill! I didn’t think so. Not only do large trees provide privacy, but they can reduce air conditioning and heating costs significantly. Mature trees that shade the home will reduce the need for cooling in the summer and act as windbreaks to save on heat in the winter. If you have large trees that provide shade and block the wind, protect them! It will be worth the investment if you wish to sell the home.

Breathe easier

Plants produce fresh oxygen for the space around them. Having that extra plant material can let the new home owners literally breathe easier knowing there is plenty of oxygen to go around their potentially new home!

Reduce water bills

A well-designed irrigation system can help save you and the new homeowner from spending unnecessary time hand watering and also reduce the water bill.

Intangible value

Who doesn’t love a relaxing place to spend time on their own property? Staycations are becoming more and more popular, and peaceful gardens in the backyard can offer time away from the outside world.

If you need help tidying up your landscape before you put it on the market, Dowco is here to help!

Dowco is the premier provider of lawn care and landscape maintenance services. We are committed to improving the quality of your life so that you can spend time doing the things you want to do! Our full service menu includes weekly maintenance of your property, plant health visits, and modern site enhancements.


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