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The Gladstone Family

The Gladstone Family Testimonial

Mr. & Mrs. Gladstone have been loyal Chesterfield clients since 2007. We love working with them at their home and their office. They've even given some goldfish from their pond to the boss! Here's what they shared about their Dowco experience.

"Dowco provides all the lawn and landscape services for our residence including, mowing, edging, fertilizing, mulch, and more. Dowco also takes care of bed maintenance which I love because I never have to pull weeds anymore! That was a chore that my husband and I really hated to do. I also really like that Dowco is very consistent about mowing on the same day and almost always at the same time of day. My previous mower shifted us around, especially if it rained or was going to rain to prioritize his larger clients. I'm glad Dowco doesn't have favorites that they make sure they take care of at my expense. This is the main reason I switched to Dowco in the first place. The quality of their work is wonderful and consistent. I had a problem with shovel edging and bush trimming once, but they were quick to come back and fix it and made it better than it ever had been before. We really like the fact we can leave town on vacation and not worry about the yard, knowing it is in good hands. We also use Dowco at our business in the Chesterfield Valley. It’s nice to just make one phone call. Thanks Dowco!”

-Bob & Cheryl Gladstone

Greystone Subdivision, Chesterfield Missouri

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