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7 Landscape Tricks for a More Efficient Irrigation System

We recently wrote on a topic How to Save Water with Your Irrigation System and people asked for more ideas! So we listened! Sometimes it's not the irrigation system that has a problem and there are simpler and more cost effective ways to solve a common issue. An efficient irrigation system is a huge key to success in St. Louis landscapes.

Here are 7 basic fixes that you can do with your landscaping to conserve water from your irrigation system and save money.

Irrigation Landscaping St Louis

1. Review your tall trees, shrubs and ornamental grasses. If they were installed years ago, they’ve probably grown quite a bit and it’s possible that they are planted in front of a sprinkler head. Analyze whether or not they need to be trimmed back or removed.

2. Trim creeping groundcover away from irrigation heads to allow maximum reach.

3. Aerate your lawn heavily in the fall to help water penetrate easily into the soil. Thatch build up under the grass can actually repel water. Aerating will help alleviate compacted soil, reduce thatch, and provide air to the roots of the grass plant.

4. Add a layer of mulch to your beds with shrubs. Having 2-3 inches of mulch or even decorative rock will reduce water use. As an extra bonus, mulch will help deter weeds.

BedCultivation5. Perform a mid-season bed cultivation. Over time, the UV rays from the sun will bleach the color out of your mulch as well as form a layer of hard, crusted mulch on top. A bed cultivation will reduce water runoff and allow nutrients to get to the root zone of your plants, plus it’s a great way to freshen the look of your mulch at a fraction of the cost.

6. Use the right plants in the right spot. Consider replacing thirsty shrubs with shrubs that are more drought resistant. Also, for areas that hold a lot of water, planting a river birch will help you keep that area dry.

7. Take advantage of the St. Louis rainstorms. Use harvested rain water to distribute to your hanging baskets or house plants whenever possible.

Call us today for a free consultation with our experienced team! When Dowco manages the 3 main components of your lawn health (lawn mowing, irrigation maintenance, and fertilization and weed control) you can be sure that you’ll have a thick, lush turf that your neighbors will envy! After these landscape tricks you'll be pleased with your more efficient irrigation system!

Dowco is the premier provider of lawn care and landscape maintenance services. We are committed to improving the quality of your life so that you can spend time doing the things you want to do! Our full service menu includes weekly maintenance of your property, plant health visits, and modern site enhancements.

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