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Spring DIY Gardening Suggestions

When you can’t stand the cabin fever any longer, and the forecast is for a warm and pleasant weekend, many of us gardeners can’t wait to get out and get our hands dirty.



There are a few spring DIY gardening suggestions that should be done to your Perennial or Mixed Borders that will help everything thrive.


Split Large Perennials


This is a good time of year to rein in some of the more prolific or aggressive perennials like Obedient plant, Evening Primrose, Gooseneck Loosestrife, and Monarda.  Just dig up the plants in the areas you don’t want them and shake the soil loose.

Be cautious about little bits of rhizomes from these because if you miss just a couple small pieces, it can undo your hard work by growing back. It’s helpful at times like these to have a small stockpile of compost or garden soil to fill in any holes that are too large.


Divide Ornamental Grasses & Other Garden Plants


Some garden plants like hostas, veronicas, lythrum, and most ornamental grasses tend to spread slowly while dying out in the center.  Early spring is a great time to divide these plants and compost or dispose of the dead parts.

It’s an easier job splitting the crowns when you can see the new growth starting to emerge. Usually there are more than enough new starts to share with your gardener friends or add to the compost pile. 



Feeding & Mulching

Shovel-Edge-Mulch1Applying a slow release fertilizer when finished is another good way to get things off to a good start. If some of your plants look a little weak or spindly, mulching them with pure compost can bring them around with a little more vigor.

Re-mulching the entire bed at this time of year is great too, because it will help suppress the weeds until your perennials flush out and keep them shaded out. Check the perimeters of your beds too, where your turf may be spreading into your bed and needs to be edged.


The professionals at Dowco can help you with these tasks. Our full service clients receive fresh shovel edging each year along with re-mulching.  Our tree and shrub program includes deep root feeding and spraying of all ornamentals. They will also receive our full lawn care program and timely pruning throughout the year.  

Though you may want to get your hands in the dirt to get your spring fix, give us a call and maybe you’ll have more time for grilling and spending time with friends!  

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