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3 Steps for a Jaw-Dropping Spring Landscape

Ever wonder how the best St. Louis landscape companies make their spring cleanups look so good? The secret is skipping the short cuts.

St. Louis landscape companies spring cleanup

There are three important steps to jaw dropping spring landscape: cleaning the beds, adding a crisp shovel edge, and top dressing with mulch.

  1. The first step is to make sure you have your beds prepared with a spring bed cleanup.

dowco spring bed cleanup

    • Cut back any remaining ornamental grasses. Ensure the grasses are cut back as low as possible without damaging the crown; the area where the stems meet the roots. Be sure to make the cut level and clean.
    • Remove dead tissue of spent perennials. Removing the dead tissue from the last growing season will help prevent the spread of any pests or disease that may have over-wintered. If necessary, cut them back to about 1”.
    • Remove any leaves that dropped during the winter months.
    • Pull weeds and rake the beds smooth. An even surface allows for easier installation and requires less mulch in order to achieve a smooth finished appearance.

ornamental grasses cut back

After (or even before) the beds have been cleaned, smoothed, and prepared for mulch, it is time to edge the beds.

2. A shovel or spade edge clearly defines the beds and tree rings from the turf. The edge can be created using a shovel, or with a mechanical bed edger.

dowco shovel edge

    • The edge provides a buffer against weeds or grass creeping into the beds, helps with drainage runoff and provides an aesthetically pleasing look to your landscape beds. A shovel edge is a job that St. Louis landscape companies should never skip.
    • The final product should have a turf-side edge at a 90 degree angle to the grass, and the bed should slope down at a 45 degree angle to meet the turf.

St. Louis landscape companies shovel edge with no mulch dowco

Once the beds have been cleaned and a crisp shovel edge has been made, the final step is to add the mulch.

3. There are many benefits of mulching. Mulch not only adds an attractive, finished look to the landscape, it aids in weed suppression, retains moisture and helps moderate fluctuating soil temperatures protecting your delicate plants from the early spring frosts and summer’s heat waves.

Dowco lawn and landscape maintenance

There are many different types of mulch that work well. St. Louis landscape companies commonly use these three types of mulches:

    • Double Ground: Most commonly used in St. Louis. It has a medium consistency, medium color and lasts for about 1 year in our area. It will fade from the sun about mid-season.

double ground mulch

    • Dyed Mulches: Similar consistency as double ground. Product is treated with a biodegradable dye. Will hold its color for at least one season. If mulch is placed on concrete prior to spreading, will cause temporary stains. Dowco has black, brown, and red colors available.

Dyed brown mulch

    • Triple Ground: Fine consistency and dark brown, almost black color. Great for use in flower beds. Decomposes more quickly. Will wash away on sloped areas.

Triple ground mulch st louis

By following these 3 simple best practices, you will have a beautiful spring landscape that you can be proud of.

Spring landscape st louis companies mo

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