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The Importance of Trimming and Pruning Trees and Shrubs

All over the St. Louis, Chesterfield and St. Albans areas we’ve seen an increase in the number of trees and shrubs that are being installed in landscapes and the diversity in plants is multiplying. This new awareness from the public in assorted plants requires specialized pruning techniques.

Planting a tree or shrub correctly, in the proper location, and protecting it from injury are the best things you can do to influence the life cycle of your plants. The next largest impact is trimming and pruning.

There are 5 main reasons to prune your trees and shrubs.

Never trim or prune if you don’t know why the tree or shrub requires it.

5 reasons to trim and prune

1. Enhance Plant Quality –

Branches that are weak or broken should be removed. Also, most of the time limbs that are diseased, damaged, and/or pest infested should be removed by pruning.

2. Influence Growth Rate –

Trimming and pruning a plant, by nature, is promoting new growth. Trimming can also be used to cut back fast growing shoots, suckers or water sprouts to control their growth.

3. Improve Plant Health –

Pruning can be used as a method to improve survival chances. Trimming can solve problems with receiving enough sunlight or being too close in proximity to another specimen.

4. Increase Longevity –

Trees and shrubs that are routinely trimmed tend to live longer than trees and shrubs that aren’t trimmed or pruned. There are ways to trim particular trees that will increase their ability to withstand snow, ice and powerful storms. Crossing and rubbing branches influence the health of the plant and should be removed during pruning.

5. Aesthetic Appeal –

Many people commonly trim and prune for visual purposes. Overgrown shrubs are not only unsightly, but they also block views and can allow an entryway for pests if they’re touching buildings. It is possible to trim plants to enhance their flowering, to alter the form, to reduce the size, and to shape the canopy.

Developing a Trimming & Pruning Strategy

Many of our Dowco clients have their trees and shrubs pruned 1-4 times per year depending on their landscape. When talking with your Dowco representative, it’s important to communicate your sense of “landscape style”. Do you prefer a formal or a natural garden? Do you like your Boxwoods in a hedge or individualized? A good pruning strategy will develop trees and shrubs that are healthy, strong, and gorgeous!

Develop Trim & Prune Strategy


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