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Common Lawn Watering Problems

Does Your Lawn & Landscape have a Drinking Problem? 

Did you know that 60% of a person’s household water consumption can go towards their lawn and garden maintenance?  This information from National Geographic is why identifying trouble spots where water is being wasted in your St. Louis lawn and landscape is so important.


Here are some tips to identify a lawn watering problem:

1. Did you ever notice areas along the edge of driveways and sidewalks where water is seeping out on the pavement? This excess water can be costly as well as dangerous is winter when the areas become icy.

2. Another telltale sign of too much water is the appearance of Nutsedge (also known as “watergrass” or “nutgrass”) in lawn areas. This yellow nutsedge thrives in wet, soggy areas.

3. If the lawnmowers are leaving muddy marks after mowing and it hasn’t rained in a few days, you are definitely getting excess water in that area.

Ways to solve common lawn watering problems: 


An improperly adjusted lawn irrigation system is often the culprit.  Installing a rain sensor for your irrigation system as well as tweaking the times on the irrigation clock are ways to prevent the application of too much water. 

This is where Dowco Enterprises can help. One of the many services we provide for our clients is to monitor their lawn and landscape and irrigation system on a regular basis to look for trouble spots. We will help prevent them from becoming bigger problems. This includes the installation of rain sensors and observing any unusual wet areas in order to make adjustments.Another way to reduce lawn watering is to replace some of the thirsty, picky landscape ornamentals with more drought tolerant natives. Many of these plants have deeper, more extensive root systems than the exotics.

Our irrigation maintenance clients have an online portal that helps them to schedule their sprinkler system adjustments on a regular basis.

Be sure to contact Dowco today if you have concerns about lawn watering, because we sure don’t want your neighbors to be the ones to notice that your St. Louis lawn and landscape has “a drinking problem”!

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