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How to Save Water with Your Irrigation System

In St. Louis, we are used to scorching hot summers. We hear all the time from clients you want your lawns to stay lush and green, but you are also concerned about how to save money with your irrigation system. Just as you routinely change the oil in your car, you must also inspect and adjust your irrigation system for it to work properly & efficiently.

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Here are 5 simple things any property owner can review on their St. Louis irrigation system:

1. Throw of water

When the sprinkler head turns, is it watering the driveway or the street? It’s okay to allow the water to briefly touch the pavement so that it waters the entire section, but don’t waste your precious dollars watering asphalt.

2. System uniformity

Are all of the heads standing upright? If not, you may not be getting the most out of your watering. Review for cracked or damaged heads.

3. Lawn patterns

Instead of waiting for dry spots to appear in your lawn, use this trick. Place rain gauges, or identical sized cups, evenly spaced throughout the area of concern. Leave about 5-10 feet between the cups and run the system for at least 5 passes over the cups. If the sprinkler system is functioning properly, each cup should have the same amount of water in it.

4. Timing

Run the system in the morning when the temperatures are cooler and there is less opportunity for evaporation. The wind is not as strong in the morning and you’ll get more water to where it’s supposed to go.

5. Update older systems

Rain sensors are a great investment for your irrigation system. They work by detecting measurable rainfall, and then turning off the automatic irrigation valves to prevent unnecessary irrigation.

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