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Sunpatiens Transformation

T & G have been Dowco clients since the early 2000's. G loves Impatiens, but they never made it in this always sunny spot in her front yard. Last year T& G and their Dowco account manager, planted Sunpatiens in their front yard as an experiment to see how they would do in this difficult spot and as you can see it was a WINNING choice!

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May 2013 May 2013, Installed Sunpatiens & Ajuga


May 2013, Installed May 2013, Installed Sunpatiens


June 2013 June 2013


July 2013 July 2013


August 2013 August 2013


September 2013 September 2013


October 2013 October 2013


October 2013 October 2013


October 2013 October 2013


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