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5 Simple Photography Tips to Win $300 in Dowco’s Terrific Turf Contest!

Have you decided to participate in Dowco’s Terrific Turf Contest? If you have a lush, thick, green lawn all you have to do is submit a photo of it to us by June 11th. Then, we’ll post them online to collect votes. Here are some helpful photography tips to get you closer to winning $300!

Terrific turf contest

1. Prepare your space

Before you go out and start snapping photos, talk a brief walk around your property and look for “eye sores”. These include flags, property line markers, dog toys, trash, leaves, or other debris.
If possible, time your photo taking around the time that you apply new, fresh mulch for the season or after your shrubs have been pruned.

Straighten your patio furniture and fluff those pillows for the final touch!

2. Add a fun effect

Photos are meant to tell a story. Since our contest is very social and people will be voting, don’t be afraid to throw in some of your own special flare! Some great still-photo ideas include sticking a Dowco sign in the lawn, posing your dog and his tennis ball, or including your alma mater flag in the photo.

If you’re feeling really ambitious, ask your kids to help you out. Take photos of them playing catch on the turf, or try to capture a deer walking through the backyard!

3. Work with the weather

We started the contest in January and it ends June 11. There’s going to be plenty of good weather days to choose from! Clear blue, morning skies look very nice in contrast to thick, green turf. Cool cloud patterns can be captured, or even the sunset over your home.

4. Change your point of view

Remember that the first set of photos you take may not be the one. Try different angles, even if you just take a couple of steps backwards. Likely the final photo will look different on your camera or phone than it does on the computer.

5. Ask Dowco for help

Of course, one of the best things you can do for your site is to utilize Dowco’s three main services:

  • Fertilization and Weed Control Program: to ensure a lush, green, weed-free turf.
  • Lawn Mowing: for weekly cutting at the appropriate height with weekly stick edging on concrete.
  • Irrigation Maintenance: to ensure that the water is set appropriately for the season and the turf doesn’t get over or under-watered.


A combination of these 5 techniques is sure to bring you $300 to spend on any Dowco services! Remember to submit your prize-winning photo by June 11, 2014 to dowco@dowcoinc.com

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