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Last Frost Preparation and Patience

It happens every year, the big box retailers scurry around each spring to be the first to bring the new crop spring and summer annuals. So marketing geniuses make lots of money predicting the arrival of spring, and thus plan for their annual arrivals just in time.

This past Saturday I ventured into my favorite big box, enjoyed the bright colors and the discount rack- you know, the one where they mark the plants down to a dollar a pot. These outcasts always seem to get nipped by frost in transport or while sitting on the many racks, waiting for their chance to go home with the ever optimistic spring gardener.

The truth be told, many of these plants are just as good as the ones out in the display, after all, do you really think the flowers on those plants today will be there in another month? I really wonder if all those optimistic spring gardeners got their annuals planted this past weekend, it was perfect weather for annual planting, correct?

Here is a sample of some of the covering that we did for one of our churches in Chesterfield that we maintain.

frost annuals covering spring freeze protection

They are expecting a terrific flower display before Easter, so their annuals are installed. But, today we added some frost preparation and insulation to protect them from tonight's predicted snow, wind and low temperatures of 29 degrees.

frost annuals covering spring freeze protection

The real word is patience. Really? Again, patience? Yes my optimistic spring gardening friends- PATIENCE. Our average last frost date is April 15th, that is the average. As a native St. Louisan, one thing is for sure- we are in the midst of another typical atypical spring. In short, it is still a wee bit early for summer annuals, and some spring annuals as well. So if this week finds you scurrying about with blankets, plastic and buckets – then relax, you will not be the only ones. You will have earned your badge as an unofficial optimistic spring gardener!

When the world wearies, and society ceases to satisfy, there is always the Garden!


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