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Dowco's 2014 Photo Recap!

Dowco has a lot of memories from 2014! Here are some photos we wanted to share as we recap this amazing year! You can click on any of the photos to enlarge it.

Thanks for all your support!



1.5 Snow event

January 5, 2014 - First snow event of the year



February 13 - Dowco sends a meet your team email with our management team member's bios. You can read it here.

February 22 - Start of construction begins. We created a field supervisor lounge and re-designed our conference room to make it fully functional!

February 22 - Start of construction begins. We created a field supervisor lounge and re-designed our conference room to make it fully functional!

February 26 - Dowco held a client focus group at Villa Farotto to ask select VIP's how we can serve them better.

February 26 - Dowco invited some of our key clients to a lunch atVilla Farotto's restaurant. We received feedback from them on 4 main points:
1. Getting a clear picture of what we are doing well and why people value Dowco
2. Obtaining candid feedback from our customers about where we had our misses and how they feel about what has taken place
3. Understand what the solutions are and how we have to move ahead in a positive way
4. Finding the most effective way to partner with these individuals so that they become Dowco partners and advocates
Big thanks to Bob Coulter with JP Horizons Inc. who facilitated the event and helped us get great feedback & results.



3.6 STLCC career fair

March 6 - Dowco attended the STLCC Career Fair to look for great, highly skilled candidates to build a career with us.

3.8 Mulching

March 8 - Dowco crews are out in full force mulching our client's properties.


March 9 - Dowco's Featured Client, The McQuillan Family. Click here to read their story.

3.10 New Construction Update 3.27 New Conference Room

March 10 - New construction update is almost complete.

3.17 St Patricks Day'

March 17 - Dowco celebrates St. Patricks Day.

3.27 Neighbors Night Out

March 27 - Dowco invites neighborhoods in the Wildhorse Creek Living Magazine and St. Albans Living Magazine to hang out with us at our "Neighbors Night Out Open House". We had over 70 people in attendance. You can find more photos from this event here. Special thanks to these great companies: N2Publishing, Nagel's BBQ, Pizzarelli's, Blue Ocean Fitness, Clean Pro, Clark Woolsey Photography, Reliance Bank.


March 28 - Dowco's featured client, The Chadwick Family. Click here to see photos of their home and read their Dowco story.



4.16 TJ Joined

April 16 - Our horticulturist, TJ joined our team and has made a valuable impact on our numbers and culture! Click here to read more about him.

4.24 trim prune training

April 24 - Expert trim prune training with select crews.

4.25 new lift installed

April 25 - Installation of the new lift for our awesome mechanic, Jeff to keep him safe & happy.



5.1 2014 New Billing


May 1 - Enlisted help from Donna's mom, Mary Lou, while we figure out the billing process with our new software program, Asset.

5.2 mgt training

May 2 - Best management practices training

5.3. Yard of the Month - Gladstone 044

May 3 - Dowco's Featured Client, The Gladstone Family. Mr. & Mrs. Gladstone have been loyal clients since 2007. We love working with them at their home and office. They love to share their goldfish from the pond with us. Click here to read what they said about their Dowco experience.

5.9 Gateway Greening #1

May 9 - Gateway Greening spends the morning with Dowco. Gateway Greening is a non profit organization that educates and empowers people to strengthen their communities through gardening and urban agriculture. We invited their current class of 14 to visit our facility this morning to learn about what we do everyday and the career options we have available! We started with a morning stretch followed by a quick team building game. Then we split into 3 small groups to get some hands on training. After a quick break, we split into 3 more break out sessions to learn about the business. We had a really busy and fun morning!

5.16 Team Pic Day 5.16 Team Pic Day 2

May 16 - Team picture day. Thanks to Anne Heitkamp for her professional photos.

5.28 New hand tools

May 28 - Expert trim/prune crews are given brand new buckets with hand tools and equipment so they can excel at their job.



6.5 Site Visit

June 5 - Dowco is knee deep in site visits, checking on our VIP clients to keep them aware of trends, upcoming services, and answering any questions they have.

Dowco FB Contest Flyer 6.13 Terrific Turf


June 13 - Dowco announces the winner of the Terrific Turf Contest on our Facebook page. See all the entries here.

6.14 TJ and Trey

June 14 - TJ and his son Trey stop in to play on the big equipment.



7.2 Bob Coulter

July 2 - Our consultant, Bob Coulter, is in town again to help our management team understand what it takes to win in the remainder of 2014.

7.3 paper airplane teambuilding

July 3 - Team building session where teams had to build a paper airplane to look just like the one they were shown for only 10 seconds. The winning plane also had to fly the farthest.

7.4 Independence day

July 4 - Dowco celebrates Independence Day.

7.16 Dowco through the ages

July 16 - Dowco posts team photos through the ages. You can find them here.


July 21 - Dowco's featured client, The Lewen Family. You can view photos here.

7.21 driveway sealing

July 22 - Started the process of sealing our driveway and making it easier for crews to load and unload.

7. 24 ELM Tour

July 24 - Dowco visits Bruce Moore's Eastern Land Management in Stamford, Connecticut to connect with other green industry experts and pick up tips to take back home.

7.31 Gateway Greening #2

July 31 - The 2nd Gateway Greening group spends the morning with Dowco cycling through 5 different learning objectives.



8.12 more site visits

August 12 - Dowco continues to perform site visits.


August 15 - Dowco's featured client, The Colangione Family! Click here to read their Dowco testimonial.

8.19 Broozers first day broozer

August 19 - Broozer's first week in the office. At 5 weeks old, he's already a superstar.

8.28 aeration training

August 28 - Aeration training for full staff.




September 4 - Dowco's featured client, the Gilbride Family. Click here to read more.

9. 8 Forklift training

September 8 - Forklift training to certify interested staff.

9.15 David Washing Truck

September 15 - Our crews always keep our trucks nice, clean and presentable which is part of our culture.

9.16 Sposato tour

September 16 - Dowco visits Tony Sposato's company, Sposato Landscape in Milton, Deleware to connect with peers and learn industry trade secrets.

9.18 planting training

September 18 - Tree and shrub planting training with select landscape crews.

9.19 Fall container gardening class

September 19 - Dowco attends a fall container gardening class at the Missouri Botanical Gardens.

9.19 Safety Tailgate

September 20 - Tailgate safety training talk for all staff.

9.23 Fall 2014

September 23 - Dowco celebrates the first day of fall.



October 3 - Dowco's Featured Clients, the Bachman Family. Read their story & see beautiful before and after photos of their landscape here.


10.14 Cards World Series

October 14 - Dowco celebrates the Cardinal's making it into post-season.

10.16 Budget Meeting

October 15 - Management team budget meeting to discuss how we'll make our revenue goals by year end.

10.16 S&M field trip

October 16 - Dowco's sales and marketing team takes a field trip to a couple local nurseries to learn about the newest plant trends...and grabs some ice cream on the way back.

10.17 Gateway Greening #3

October 17 - Round 3, The Gateway Gardeners devote themselves to a 10 week crash course of the Green Industry and part of their graduation includes a tour to our company.

10.22 Planet Gives back

October 22 - Dowco participates in PLANET Gives Back in Louisville, Kentucky. We weeded, landscaped, planted trees and enhanced a local middle school.

10.24 GIC

October 24 - Dowco wraps up a weekend at the Green Industry Conference + Expo. More photos from this event here.

10.30 Team building hand mess

October 30 - Dowco team building session - The Human Knot. We broke into groups of three and had to untangle our hands without splitting the circle. Easier said than done.

10.31 Halloween Pic

October 31 - Dowco celebrates Halloween.



11.5 One week of rain no mow

November 5 - St. Louis receives a week straight of rain. Our mowers didn't get to go out and play at all. Luckily, we are flexible enough to put all hands on deck the next dry day we had and get all of our mowings back on schedule.

11.20.Signature Face to face

November 20 - Dowco visits Bill Gordon's Signature Landscape in Olathe, Kansas.

11.24 new hoodie day

November 24 - Dowco surprised our crews with customized hoodies with their name on them in Carolina blue for a fun end of season present.

11.26 Eduardo Leaves 11.26 H2b last day

November 26 - Dowco's last day of H2B production happend to be in the snow.

thank u

November 27 - Dowco celebrates Thanksgiving.



12.9 DowcoHoliday3

December 9 - Dowco celebrates the upcoming winter holidays.

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