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3 Tips on How to Choose a St. Louis Lawn and Landscape Maintenance Provider

Hiring a lawn and landscape maintenance provider is an advantageous investment when you consider that a well-maintained property can add anywhere from 5-15% to your home’s value. To make the selection process easy, Dowco has developed a simple list of 3 questions to ask prospective St. Louis lawn and landscape maintenance providers before choosing the right one for you!

1. “What do you specialize in?”

Green Industry services include lawn and landscape maintenance, landscape installation and construction, landscape design, irrigation installation and management, and tree care.

Dowco lawn and landscape maintenanceMany St. Louis lawn and landscape maintenance providers will dabble in each of these, but it’s important to find out if they have a primary clientele that they serve best. Everyone has an area of expertise, whether it is designing backyard fire pits, power washing fences, installing patio and pavers, cutting down large trees, or maintaining golf courses.

Dowco strives to be the best at what matters most when it comes to lawn and landscape maintenance. Our clients are residential, commercial and subdivisions in the St. Louis area who want one company to manage their outdoor maintenance. After surveying our clients, we learned that they desire an innovative company who proactively communicates with them, is consistent and reliable, is easy to work with, and most importantly provides top quality results.

2. “Do you have any photos of your work or references that I can talk to?”

pine creek testimonialThe St. Louis lawn and landscape maintenance industry is very visual! Before and after photos can tell a unique story. As you review prospective St. Louis lawn and landscape maintenance service providers online, look for original photos of their work.

This is a huge investment that you’re making for your property. Go the extra mile and ask for a referral and talk to their clients. Is the relationship that they have with their landscape provider what you want?

Dowco is proud of the lawn and landscape clients that we serve and we’re happy to pass along references! When you call, tell them your concerns with prior companies and ask how Dowco is different from the rest! We frequently post photos of our work and testimonials from clients on our Facebook page also.

3. “How long have you been in business and is your company insured?”

Experience isn’t everything, but it can be a great teacher. Many of the mistakes that we made as a young company; we’ve capitalized on and learned from. Startup companies have their benefits as well, but make sure they are continuing their education. There are many ways that Dowco continues to keep their finger on the lawn and landscape industry pulse. We are members of the Professional Landcare Network (PLANET) and many members of our staff are Landscape Industry Certified.

picture-030Over the years we have heard horror stories about companies going out of business and never telling their clients – they just stop showing up. Some of these companies were never insured or didn’t have licenses to do the work they were doing. If anyone is injured on your property, without proper insurance, you could be held responsible.

Ask the prospective St. Louis lawn and landscape maintenance providers if you can cancel at any time. If you prepay, would they be willing (and able) to refund your money if you become unhappy? Proceed cautiously if you find that a prospective company locks you into strict contracts and is not flexible.

You can trust Dowco as we’ve been in business 37+ years. Many of our employees have been with us for over 15 years and they’ve learned the St. Louis area as well as our clients and their preferences. We’re always willing to provide proof insurance, certifications and memberships upon request.

Interested in working with us?

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Dowco is the premier provider of St. Louis lawn care and St. Louis landscape maintenance services. We are committed to improving the quality of your life so that you can spend time doing the things you want to do! Our full service menu includes weekly maintenance of your property (lawn mowing, garden weeding), plant health visits (trimming & pruning, fertilization of trees, shrubs and turf, weed control), and modern site enhancements (drainage, annual flower installation, landscaping).

Send us a quick note with your project details and we’ll work up a free quote for you.

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