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Fall Lawn Composting for the Greenest Grass in St. Louis

GOT.jpgJust like in Game of Thrones, there is an ongoing battle on your lawn to see who will rise and be the leader. The secret to helping desirable grass to win the battle is by eliminating the competition.

Dowco is here to help you do everything possible to swing the odds in your favor so that you can be the King or Queen of a green, beautiful lawn.  

This fall we’re introducing a brand new service. Fall lawn composting will help you grow the greenest, lushest lawn you’ve ever had.


Fall lawn composting, also called lawn topdressing, is a process that incorporates a thin layer of rich, earthy, organic material to your lawn.

Soil_in_Hand.jpgThis material, called compost, is the end product of a complex feeding pattern involving hundreds of different organisms, including bacteria, fungi, worms, and insects. What remains after these organisms break down organic materials is the rich, earthy substance that gardeners value so highly as a soil amendment. [http://www.organiclawncaretips.com/soil-and-healthy-lawn/]  


There are many reasons why you should add compost to your lawn.

  • Enhances Plant Growth

The nutrients in compost, such as nitrogen, are at higher levels than regular fertilizer. Compost has lower salt content than fertilizer and doesn’t burn the lawn or plant like fertilizer can.

  • Conserves Water 

Compost helps plants grow longer roots with helps conserve water. A person uses 30% less water to water lawn/plants. The compost and mulch helps hold moisture on the plants/lawn.

  • Prevents Weeds

Stronger, healthier plants grow densely, reducing the space for weeds to grow.

  • Prevents Disease

The composting process kills disease and pathogen by “cooking” the material over a long period of time (1-2 years). The composting process enhanced the reproduction of beneficial bacteria, which causes high temperatures and reduces oxygen, thereby killing the viruses, E coli, salmonella, and other harmful bacteria.

  • Amends Soil

Compost amends clay soil by introducing organic matter that clings to the clay particles, splitting them up, and then introduces micro-organisms that, after eating the organic matter, create byproducts which further loosens the clay and helps it breathe.



Compacted, clay filled soils with little nutrient value are prime candidates for lawn composting this fall.

Click here to ask our team of St. Louis lawn experts for more information and pricing for your lawn.    

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