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Choosing the Best Snow Plowing Company For Your Property

Choosing_the_best_snow_plowing_company.pngChoosing a snow plowing company for your property isn’t always an easy task.

Whether you're a homeowner, a property manager, or a subdivision trustee, you are looking for protection for yourself, your family, your employees, your clients, or your neighbors.

You rely on the snow plowing company that you choose for the winter to ensure everyone can safely enter and exit the premises without any accidents.

Here are a few tips to ensure you make the right choice for you!

It’s best to get a couple estimates and proposals to compare. Check to make sure the snow plowing company is fully insured, has professionally trained employees, and has good references.

When researching your companies here are some questions to think about:

Will you be provided with a written contract outlining the terms and conditions bound by a signature?

Service contracts protect both the customer and the company by outlining what will (or will not) be performed in the service. Thoughtfully executed contracts are detailed enough so that everyone is on the same page with the end results. 

Some of the items that Dowco includes in our proposals are the start and end dates, minimum weather conditions, payment rates and billing options, liability and damage responsibilities, and cancellation policies.  

At the minimum, you want to ensure that you and your people are protected. 

Is there an extra fee if the snow accumulation is more than a certain number of inches?

Chesterfield, Mo Snow Removal CommercialMore man power is needed for extra inches of snow or multiple passes for ice control treatments.

Make sure you know what the additional charge will be during these events.

It's also important to consider a blizzard clause if you think you may get a lot of snow this year. 

Do you have a clear expectation of what the site will look like after the work is complete?

Be sure to let the company know of all sidewalks, steps, stoops, and parking lots that are to be plowed so that both parties have an expectation of what the site will look like after the service.

What phone number should you call in case of an emergency?

It never fails that most winter weather events occur at 2 o’clock in the morning when you're sleeping. Make sure that your snow plowing company provides you with a 24-hour number in case of an emergency.

Ideally you will have a point person to contact and you'll want their email address as well.  

How much experience and knowledge of the snow industry do they have?

Ask them how many years they've been in business.  What do they do when it's not snowing?  What other services can they help you with? 

How are damages handled? 

Does your snow plowing company take safety and damages seriously by ensuring each property is staked before providing snow removal services?

Staking provides a guarantee for the client and company that any damage will be covered. If the property isn’t staked, the company usually cannot be liable for damages.

Dowco recommends taking before photos of your property so you know how it looks before going into the winter and can note prior damages. 

Do they provide references?

If not provided, ask for references of other sites similar to yours that they service. A good company will not be afraid to share these.

Are they insured?

This is a no brainer. You want to be sure you are covered if an accident happens on your property. 

What type of certifications do they have or training do they participate in?

Preferred commercial snow removal companies have professional trained employees and the employees invest in their continuous education and will practice the best safety procedures even before they leave their own property.


Chesterfield MO snow removal companyBefore you use a company just because you saw an ad in the paper or they were at the top of your Google list, make sure to do your homework. Having a detailed contract will save you lots of headaches come spring of the year! 

When you are choosing the best snow plowing company for your property this year, consider the team at Dowco! 


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