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St. Louis County Leaf Cleanup & Removal Options

by Kelly Dowell on September 29, 2015
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Leaf removal doesn't have to break your back or your bank this fall!

Dowco's leaf cleanup and leaf vacuuming services will help remove leaves from all areas around your property including: 

  • Lawn
  • Flower beds
  • Decks, porches & patios
  • Driveways, sidewalks & steps
  • Curbs & ditches

How It Works: 

Rest assured that your leaf blowing will be done efficiently as our crews are equipped with large, industrial sized, walk behind, leaf blowers.

We also use the help of high velocity backpack blowers for more delicate spaces like windowsills and patios.  Sometimes, due to weather or location, we'll use a tarp to transport loads of leaves which also helps speed up the process.  

You can't miss our lime green leaf vacuum.  We use that bad boy to come by and suck up the pile of leaves that we've collected and recycle them into a valuable compost. 

Benefits of Removing Leaves From Your Lawn:

Lleaves.jpgawns located in the highly wooded areas of St. Louis County collect too many leaves during the autumn season for leaf mulching to work.  Piles of leaves and excessive leaf mulch particles can smother and damage your turf.  

In the fall there is also an extensive amount of turf overseeding and watering that is taking place.  We never recommend raking leaves until new seedlings are fully rooted, which often doesn't happen until the following spring. 

As our St. Louis subdivisions mature, we have consistently found that mulching leaves is delivering less than desirable results.  When too many leaves pile up, it is nearly impossible to mulch without causing unintended marks in the turf, and that problem is magnified by the extensive seeding and watering taking place.  

To save the additional wear and tear and to help promote seed germination, we recommend gently removing the leaves by blowing them from the property. 

Timing Preferences:

Autumn in St. Louis is spectacular because the different species of trees and when they change colors vary so much.  This also means that the leaves fall for many weeks throughout the season.  Depending on your location & the trees in your area, this could happen all at once or it may happen for weeks.  

Many of our clients prefer that their property stays tidy all season long so we offer weekly leaf removal.  Other clients prefer to schedule a few cleanups per season. Dowco can schedule leaf cleanups any time throughout the year. 

The 2 weeks before Thanksgiving fill up fast, so let us know if you're planning a party. 

Leaf Removal Options Available:

Our options include: 

  • Blow leaves to curb & Dowco vacuum
  • Blow leaves to curb & city pick up
  • Blow leaves to designated area (please specify, ex: woods in backyard) 
  • Leaves at curbside, Dowco vacuum 
  • Do nothing 

Our most popular option is to blow the leaves to the curb and pick them up with our leaf vacuum.

We can blow leaves virtually anywhere!  If your property backs to woods, we can deposit leaves deep into the woods.  We can also blow them to a designated area if you like to let the kids play in them before bagging them yourself for disposal.

Some municipalities provide leaf vacuuming services. If your city does, they will send you a calendar of leaf pick up days. With advance notice, Dowco can blow your leaves to the curb prior to pick up. 

Leaf Blowing & Leaf Vacuuming Pricing:

We bill for the time spent moving the leaves into the location selected, and if Dowco is vacuuming for you, a separate charge will be assessed based on pile size. 

  • Leaf blowing is billed at $50/manhour.  ($100 minimum*)
  • Leaf vacuuming is billed at $.23/cubic foot.   ($55 minimum*) 

Time spent over 1 hour will be billed in 15 minute increments. 

*Dowco clients who participate in reoccurring leaf cleanups (more than 2 per season) will not be assessed a minimum charge.  

Start the conversation about how and when you want Dowco to handle your leaf removal!

Leaf Cleanup Questionnaire

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