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7 Fascinating Reasons to Use Ornamental Grasses in Your Landscape

There are over 7,000 different species of Gramineae, the botanical family that ornamental grasses are found in. Ornamental grasses are a bit remarkable in the garden because they don’t have pretty flowers to use as a reproduction tool. Instead, they rely on the wind to blow their pollen into the air. Some of the grasses found below actually qualify in the "sedge" category, but act very similar to grasses in this aspect.

7 Fascinating reasons to use ornamental grasses in your landscape photo

Here are 7 fascinating reasons to use ornamental grasses in your Chesterfield landscape.

1. Erosion control

Ornamental grass roots are very fibrous and many of the roots are able to penetrate deep into the earth. If you’ve ever tried to remove a large, mature grass plant, you probably had to do A LOT of digging. This quality makes them a great tool for erosion control.

ornamental grasses for erosion control

2. Great Low Maintenance Option

If you’re a gardener that prefers undemanding plants, ornamental grasses are your perfect match. They have virtually no pests (including deer) and can withstand drought, high winds and other environmental challenges. The little care that they require makes them great options for a garden.

ornamental grasses for low maintenence

3. Seasonal Interest

Ornamental grasses are very versatile in the garden. During the summer they are a lush backdrop to annuals or other eye-popping colors, but in the fall and winter they command the attention.

ornamental grasses for seasonal interest

4. Living Wall

Hedges are often used for a backdrop of flowers, but consider ornamental grasses. They are less costly and grow quickly. They won’t require constant sheering, which runs the risk of trampling the flower display. Also, as a bonus, some ornamental grasses produce “flowers” in the summer.

ornamental grasses for living wall

5. Annual Display

There are more than 20 true annual grasses today. Some can be used as elegant borders; others can be planted between other perennials. They also serve a great purpose in a container planting.

ornamental grasses for annual display

6. Transitions

Ornamental grasses provide a transitional piece between areas of landscaping that are more formal to areas that are wooded or have a meadow look. Going directly from pristine mowed grass to a wild garden gives the landscape an artificial feeling. However, introducing a line of grasses softens that edge and makes the landscape more realistic.

ornamental grasses for transition

7. Around Water

If you have a pool, pond or other water feature in your landscaping, ornamental grasses are a must-have accent piece. Large ponds can benefit greatly from having these plants as their border and they set the stage for the water with their free-flowing form. Best of all, the reflection in the water turns one plant into two, with a mirror image.

ornamental grasses for around water



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