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June Outdoor To Do List

Summer has arrived! So has the heat. While you vacation or enjoy the pool, some of your plants don’t have that opportunity. Here’s our list of tips to take care of them in this hot month.

If you are a Dowco client, many of these services on our June Outdoor To Do List will already be scheduled for you!

June Outdoor To Do List

Outdoor Trees & Shrubs

Watch your ornamental plants: roses, crabapples, elms, birches, and maples for Japanese Beetles and Lacebugs. Dowco’s tree & shrub clients are protected.

Early summer growth has made it necessary to trim hedges to keep a formal appearance. Regularly scheduled trimming and pruning will keep them tidy, away from the house, and avoid overgrown appearance.

Japanese maples may show signs of scorch and heat stress. Keep them shaded and give them plenty of water.

Early in the month monitor for bagworms feeding on many garden plants, but especially juniper and arborvitae. If found, treat while the caterpillars are still small and most vulnerable.


Garden and Bed Maintenance

Deadhead bulbs and spring flowering perennials as their blossoms fade.

Spring flowering trees and shrubs should be pruned before the month's end after they’ve finished blooming.

Nutsedge and other weeds will develop in beds. Pull or treat them accordingly. Dowco’s bed maintenance clients are taken care of.

Plant more annuals! Hibiscus & Mandevilla are 2 common flowering tropical plants you can add to your deck, patio or balcony as a climber.

Fertilize your annuals with Milorganite.

Schedule your mid-season bed cultivation to keep a fresh mulch appearance and allow water down to the root zones of your plants.


Lawn Care & Turf Care

Water turf as needed to prevent drought stress.

Mow lawns once per week.

Monitor the turf for signs of turf disease and fungus. To minimize diseases, water turf early enough in the day to allow the foliage to dry before nightfall.

Look out for Nutsedge popping up in low, wet spots in the turf. Call Dowco for treatment.


Irrigation Maintenance

Use the soaker hose technique for large or new trees.

Install drip irrigation systems to efficiently water your smaller plantings or annuals during the hot summer. This is also handy for watering container plantings while traveling. If this isn’t feasible, be sure to recruit a neighbor to water while you’re gone.

Schedule your mid-season irrigation inspection with Dowco to adjust the times for summer heat.


Other Outdoor Maintenance

Check your gutters to make sure they are clean and clear for the summer storms.

Proudly hang your 4th of July flag near the end of the month!

Currently in bloom: Iris, Lily, Daylily, Clematis

Enter and vote in Dowco’s Terrific Turf Contest.


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