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St. Louis Irrigation Shut Down Service

Dowco’s St. Louis irrigation shut down service will ensure that your pipes are properly blown out & your system doesn’t get freeze damage through the winter.


The leaves have started changing color and the temperatures are cooling and it’s time to think about shutting down your irrigation system and preparing it for the cold winter months ahead.

Dowco recommends having your system shut down by the first week of November so that your system is winterized before the overnight temperatures get below 32° and we get a hard freeze.

Freeze damage to your system can cause pipes to burst and heads & valves to break.  Repairs to the system can be expensive depending on how many areas of the system were damaged and if the backflow device is damaged. The repair costs can add up and range from $250-$1,000. Dowco’s experienced technicians will be sure that you’re system is winterized properly year after year.

Your St. Louis Irrigation Shutdown Service Includes:

  • Turn off the main water line in the basement.
  • Blow out the backflow and the entire irrigation system using a commercial compressor with 180 psi to ensure that no water is remaining in any pipes, valves, heads or the backflow device.
  • Ensure that valves in the bottom of the backflow device will remain opened ¼ of a turn to allow for expansion and retraction with the fluctuation of temperatures and the release of any condensation that occurs with moisture in the air.

You will need to be home in order for the technician to get to the main water line (usually in the basement) and the control timer (usually in the garage).  We also encourage you to walk the system with the technician to discuss needed repairs that can be done during the shutdown, or put on the schedule to be completed during the spring startup.

Something you want to consider when shutting down your system is whether or not you are having your lawn renovated this fall with aeration and over-seeding.  If you are, you will want to keep your system running through October to ensure the seedlings are getting sufficient water during the early stages of germination.

1 hour is estimated for a system with 12 zones or less.  Parts are billed separately.

Any time spent over 1 hour is billed in 15 minute increments. 

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