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Weed Identification St. Louis

When you have a great lawn that you can be proud of your dreams will come to life! Imagine the kids playing catch, hanging out in the backyard for BBQs and enjoying the company of your friends and family with a weed-free turf. The experts at Dowco understand the challenges that growing a great lawn in St. Louis presents and we’ve worked the last 35+ years developing a plan that works.


Here are a few examples of common weeds in St. Louis and when you can expect to see them.

poa_annuaAnnual Bluegrass (Poa annua)

  • Classification: winter annual or perennial weed
  • Thrives in: moist, shaded conditions. Compact soils.
  • Season: spring. Dies off when it gets too hot

crabgrass-300x228Smooth & Hairy Crabgrass

  • Classification: summer annual grasses
  • Thrives in: virtually anywhere.
  • Season: late spring, summer, fall. Dies off with first hard frost.


  • Classification: summer annual grass
  • Thrives in: compact, poorly drained soil with warmer temperatures
  • Season: summer & fall.


  • Classification: warm season perennial grass
  • Thrives in: warm, temperate climates
  • Season: spring to fall

Yellow Nutsedge nutsedge

  • Classification: perennial sedge
  • Thrives in: low spots, high moisture areas, warm temperatures
  • Season: late spring  and summer, disappears in cool fall weather

Dandelion dandelion

  • Classification: perennial broadleaf
  • Thrives in: Moist sites with full sunlight
  • Season: spring, summer, fall.


  • Classification: perennial broadleaf
  • Thrives in: soil with inadequate turfgrass growth
  • Season: late spring, summer, fall.

Chickweed or Starwortchickweed

  • Classification: creeping winter annual 
  • Thrives in: Moist, compacted soils, thin turf
  • Season: late spring, summer, fall. Has white star-like flowers in cool seasons.

White Cloverclover

  • Classification: creeping perennial  
  • Thrives in: Moist conditions with low soil fertility
  • Season: spring, summer, fall.


Dowco's licensed and trained professionals will calibrate their equipment, apply the proper amount of product, and eliminate weeds in your turf! If comprehensive weed control is what you’re looking for, request an instant quote from the best St. Louis lawn weed control service provider! 

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