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Nationwide Labor Shortage

Recently the Department of Labor stopped processing requests for the H2B program, which has helped supply our legal labor force for the past 15 years or so.

Read more about the H2B program and how Dowco started using it.


When we heard the news, we found ourselves short 30 laborers at the busiest time of our season. This unexpected disturbance affects not only our small business and others in the green industry, but also our suppliers and vendors, our loyal, long-term employees in Mexico and their families, and of course, our clients.

While the politicians debate, we must deal with the reality of the situation. 

You can rest assured that Dowco is working diligently and proactively to find the best, long lasting solution! In the past few weeks, we’ve met and talked to a lot of problem solvers who are stepping up to the plate and keeping things moving for the green industry as a whole. Dowco has even been featured in lawn and landscape articles and companies from all over the nation have reached out to us with solutions, questions and ideas.

Our first priority is keeping our clients happy and on board with Dowco, and we've solved this concern. We’ve sub-contracted some of our lawn mowing out to local, small businesses. We also partnered with nearby area organizations to recruit great new employees. We've also significantly revamped our training programs for employees. As a result, you may notice some new faces on your lawn this year. Your mowing day may vary, especially in the spring. But, as our workforce assembles, we will make every effort to ensure that the quality and reliability that you have come to love and expect from Dowco is upheld.

As always, we exist to provide you with top quality, professional services. Although you might see some different faces, Dowco is still your one point of contact for all of your contracted services. We are continually striving to educate, teach and train everyone who is involved with the Dowco team about who we are and the differences we make in our client’s lives.

Here are a few simple things that you can do that will help Dowco serve you better. 

  • Spread the news that Dowco is hiring! If you know someone that you'd appreciate working on your property, send them our way. We'll take positive attitudes and give them all the expert hands-on training that they need to be successful & climb Dowco's career ladder. Salary starts at $12/hour and goes up with experience. For every new hire that you bring to Dowco, we'll add a $100 credit to your account! Click here for a shareable link
  • Plan Proactively. If you have an upcoming party or commitment, let us know weeks in advance. You can never be too early! The more time we have to arrange our troops the more likely we can help. 
  • Communicate Constantly. As we clamber through our busiest spring season, you're bound to see new faces. We rely on your feedback 100% to understand where we need to focus our training efforts.  Ask questions, explain your concerns, and share your experiences. We can't learn & grow if we don't know! 

If at any time you have questions or feedback regarding your lawn maintenance services, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our office team can be reached Monday – Friday 8:00am – 4:00pm by phone or 24/7 by email. 

We appreciate your continued loyalty to our local, family owned business! We know you have many choices when it comes to lawn and landscape maintenance services, and we are truly grateful that you choose to partner with Dowco. 

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