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Dowco's Bill Payment Options

Many of you have been clients for years and years! We are thankful for your loyalty!

Others who are new may not be aware of the many options we have to pay your bill. If you are tired of writing checks, want to receive less mail, prefer to get points on your credit card, have a paypal account, or want to take a discount off your services keep reading to find a solution that works for you.

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Monthly Statements

This is our standard billing if you don't specify otherwise.

At the beginning of the month, Dowco will mail you a monthly statement will all services that occurred in the previous month. Terms are net 15.

Electronic Billing

If you don’t like wasting paper or just prefer to have your statement emailed, electronic billing is the option for you!

Dowco will email your statement to you monthly. Send us an email at dowco@dowcoinc.com to sign up. Terms are net 15.

Automatic Bill Pay

Another convenient service we offer is monthly automatic payments.

At the beginning of the month, Dowco will auto charge your services to the credit card of your choosing and mail or email the receipt.

Online Bill Pay

We accept PayPal through the Dowco Website!

Just go to our website, choose Contact Us, then choose Pay Online. Or click here. Terms are net 15.


Dowco invites you to take a 5% discount off your total services if you prepay in advance. A credit card will receive a 1% discount.

Additional services outside of prepay will be billed monthly. Terms are net 15.


We appreciate your business!

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