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Does my Lawn Need Fall Fertilization?

The Importance of Fall Fertilization in St. Louis County Lawns

Fall turf fertilization st louis county mo


For the vast majority of our clients, fall fertilization is included in your turf fertilization and weed control package. However, when people are budgeting or looking to cut something out and they usually try skipping the last fall fertilization application.

Here is why we recommend keeping fall fertilization on your list of to-do’s:

Aids in recovery from summer's stress

This summer was relatively mild in comparison to past years, but it still takes a toll on cool season grasses like Fescue and Kentucky Bluegrass. The fall fertilizer provides the fuel needed for grass to bounce back before winter sets in.

Helps the grass prepare for winter by building a strong foundational root system

Even after the first frost, plant roots can still be very active. So it is important to keep the grass roots stimulated to grow deep into the ground. Increased shoot density and increased root length improve drought resistance and will set your lawn up for success in the next season.

Contributes to an early spring green up

The fall fertilization application plays a big part in preparing your cool season grasses, like your tall fescue and Kentucky blue grass. If you want to get technical... Nitrogen builds the carbohydrate reserves, phosphorous encourages root growth, and potassium increases plant hardiness. These are included in Dowco's fall fertilization and weed control program.

Similarly, warm season grasses, like your Bermuda grass and Zoysia grass, need to store potassium before going dormant in St. Louis.

Important Tip to Remember:

Before your fall fertilization, please ensure that the leaves are picked up off the turf. Dowco can help with your leaves in the St. Louis County area.

turf fall fertilization st louis county

If you have fall fertilization on your lawn application program with Dowco – bravo! Don’t let it feel like just a routine application. Remember the unique benefits that this treatment provides for you lawn and the great significance that it makes in the curb appeal of your home.

If you don’t have a turf program, Dowco’s turf fertilization and weed control program is the one of the best investments you can make for your St. Louis County lawn. Combined with best practices such as fall aeration, over-seeding, proper watering and mowing, your turf will be the greenest and thickest in the subdivision!

We service lawns in these areas: Chesterfield, Wildwood, Town & Country, Ladue, St. Albans, Ellisville, Glencoe, Ballwin and more!

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