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5 Facts You May Not Know About Halloween

Halloween Facts Dowco St Louis Landscaping

1. Dressing up

Halloween was derived by a Celtic tradition. A Celtic festival in Ireland called Samhain, celebrated the end of the harvest season. The people dressed up to confuse or trick any evil spirits.

2. The name

The name “Halloween” originated from the name “All Hallow’s Eve,” which evolved to “All Hallow’s Even,” and by the 18th century became “Hallowe’en.”

3. Carving pumpkins

People used to carve turnips instead of pumpkins to make Jack-O-Lanterns. Pumpkins were substituted when the Celtics moved to North America during the potato famine.

4. Famous symbols

Black cats, spiders, and bats were thought to be familiars with witches and were, and still are, associated with bad luck. Bats were also connected to the Samhain ritual of building large fires to drive away insects and attract bats.

5. Trick-or-Treating

One of the earlier variations of Trick-or-Treating began during the medieval times and was called “souling.” Children and adults with little means would walk around in costumes asking for food or money in exchange for prayers or songs.

Trick-or-Treating was brought to America by the Irish in the early 20th century and faded out because of sugar rationing during WWII. When the sugar rationing ended along with the war, cartoons like the “Peanuts” comic strip re-popularized the tradition of Trick-or-Treating.


Dowco's Account Manager, Caitlin as a turtle in her youth. Dowco's Account Manager, Caitlin as a turtle in her youth.

Tips for being safe on Halloween:

  • Always have a buddy.
  • Wear masks that allow full vision and fitted costumes that prevent tripping or falling.
  • Stay on sidewalks when possible.
  • Follow the appropriate Trick-or-Treating hours.
  • Bring a flashlight so cars and other Trick-or-Treaters can see you at night.
  • Check your candy before eating it.


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