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St. Louis Subdivision Trustee Tips:  Getting Homeowners to Attend Board Meetings

attending st louis subdivision meetings blah.jpgThe reality is that most St. Louis homeowners will not become actively involved in their subdivision associations. However, involved residents can offer valuable contributions if committed to the mission of improving their community, so it is important to get their input at board meetings.

The most important message to communicate to residents is that their voice will be heard.

Give them the opportunity to understand the topics your board is considering and invite them to participate in the discussion.

Here are some other tips we have to get homeowners to attend board meetings:

  • neighbors in st louis.jpgSome organizations will require a minimum amount of votes to pass certain agenda items while others will not.
  • To incentivize involvement, some St. Louis Homeowner’s Associations even offer a discount on fees if residents become trustees or serve on committees.
  • Keep your meeting schedule simple and predictable. For instance, always have your meetings on the 3rd Saturday of each month, or on odd-number months like January, March, etc. Make it easy for people to attend by planning them in the evenings during the week. If the majority of residents would need to ask off work to attend, it’s unlikely that they will attend and may leave them under the impression that you don’t want them to be there.
  • Some tech-savvy associations even create a way for out-of-town residents to join in via phone for meetings to listen, comment, or both.
  • Meetings also don’t have to be dull and boring. Don’t be afraid to have fun games or opportunities for residents to win a drawing at the meeting.
  • Consider enjoying your board meeting in your subdivision common ground on a nice day.

Most importantly, make sure the residents have plenty of notice prior to a meeting and ask for RSVP’s.  Free food, coffee, or drinks doesn’t hurt either!

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