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6 Steps to have the worst looking yard on the block!

Ok so maybe this article is a little far-fetched. But some of these things we've actually seen! The best lawn care company in Chesterfield would never let these situations happen to you!  But if you do want to have a horrible landscape, keep on reading! 

Step 1: Skip the aeration and overseeding

What’s the point of having a thick turf? And why not let the weeds take over? The more weeds the better! Plus weeds grow twice as fast so I can mow twice as much!

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Step 2: Pass on applications of fertilizer and weed control

Who needs a green and weed-free turf? It’s better to stand out from the crowd. Just tell your visitors that your house is the one with the funky weeds. They surely won’t miss it!

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Step 3: Don’t touch your beds

Those plants are supposed to be able to thrive naturally and fend for themselves, right?! If they can’t survive amongst the weeds, then they weren’t meant to be there. And why remove pocketed leaves and debris? Those bugs and diseases need a place to live too!

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Step 4: Leave your irrigation system off all year

Mother Earth gives them enough natural water. Your plants and your grass will come back. Eventually…maybe…

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Step 5: Mow only when you get a letter from your subdivision trustees

If no one complains about the jungle in your front yard, then it’s still too short. Has anyone seen Sparky?

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Step 6: Never trim your trees and shrubs

If the jungle look is what you’re truly going for, be sure not to skip this step! This look is great for those who never want their home exposed to sunlight, want to see out of their windows, or want people to think their house is abandoned.

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If you’re truly looking to have the worst looking yard in your neighborhood, these six steps will steer you in the right direction. If you want the best lawn care company in Chesterfield to help you avoid these scenarios, give Dowco a call. We have experts on staff that can help you maintain all aspects of your outdoor space.

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