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Dowco’s 2013 Survey Results

This is an important month around Dowco for reflection and planning. When we aren’t mowing grass, there is still a lot to be done!

Last year we sent a survey to our clients to learn about what matters most to you.

We asked you to choose a word or phrase that you would use to tell your best friend about Dowco. The number one answer was “Quality Work”. Here are some of the most popular words chosen to describe us! (in a word cloud, the larger the font, the more times it was used)

dowco quality reliability

We also asked you to rank a list of characteristics in order of importance from MOST important (1) to LEAST important (5), for a lawn and landscape company.

50% of people ranked Quality Results as the most important quality.

38% ranked Reliable as the most important quality.

dowco survey results

We are proud of the satisfaction statistics and all of the comments that you responded with. Thanks to everyone for your feedback!

As you review your Dowco maintenance contract for 2014, call us with questions. Remember to prepay by February 1 to receive a 5% discount. If you are not a Dowco client and want to request a proposal for lawn and landscape maintenance, give us a call today!

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