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Meet Your Dowco Team 2014

Thank you for your trust and confidence in Dowco. Please take a moment to meet your Dowco team! Here's to another great season!


We've been busy transitioning to a new software program in the Dowco office. Our entire management team has been involved in the learning and implementation phase of this project. Everyone has worked to ensure that their part of the puzzle gets solved and here we are ready gear up for spring!

Right now I'm training for the Boston Marathon. I anticipate a bittersweet experience as I dedicate my run to my Dad who lost his short, ferocious battle with pancreatic cancer last May.

This will be my second attempt to cross the Boston finish line because last year I was stopped less than a mile from the finish when the bombs exploded. I am grateful to the Dowco team for helping me to pursue this dream.



I have been working at Dowco for almost 6 months now. I'm happy to be part of this fast paced, ever changing environment and I've loved getting to know all of my amazing co-workers!

Currently I am pursuing my master's degree in organizational leadership and development at Maryville University - Go Saints! Recently I became an intern for the St. Louis Organizational Development Network and am thrilled to get more involved with the organization.

When I am not studying or doing work for my internship, you can find me reading a Jim Butcher book - I highly recommend his Dresden Files series. If the weather ever warms up (fingers crossed!), I'll be out at the dog park with my Pomeranian, Louie, hiking, and going on long, leisurely bike rides around Forest Park with my friends.



At Dowco, I'm the one who organizes our "social" activities, whether it's our holiday parties, Facebook updates, charity give backs, or the email you're reading now. I also work with a handful of clients managing their sites and many of you know my little dog, Wally, who goes everywhere with me!

I serve on the Chesterfield Chamber of Commerce's Young Professionals board. We coordinate events for the up and coming movers and shakers of the community! My passion lies in helping people grow their businesses using online platforms.

Blogging, podcasts, & tablet reading have sky rocketed in popularity, but I still find pleasure in flipping through the pages of a leadership, management, or marketing book. I'd love to hear your suggestions.

Like you, my daily life keeps me busy, so one of my favorite things is "slowing down". I recently booked my flight to Yellowstone National Park in May and I'm so excited! It's truly a blessing to be able to traverse God's breath-taking creation and I've discovered many of my best "Eureka" moments while traveling.



One of my favorite things about working at Dowco is talking with customers and solving their problems. I enjoy the opportunities to make people happy and laugh a little. The best part of my day is coming in to work in the morning and stretching with the team. I'm an active person, so I like to get the crews moving a little bit before they head out.

I am an animal lover. I do not own any pets at the time, but I grew up with three dogs in my home and am always happy to dog sit for my friends when they leave town. Keep that in mind next time you need a dog sitter. ;) I try to be outdoors and run as much as possible. Last year, I ran my first half marathon and 12.4 mile trail race! I also play for a women's tackle football team in St. Louis.

I am from Chicago, so the cold weather in St. Louis usually does not bother me. However, I prefer the warm sunny days where I can drive with the windows down and my radio loud. One of the best things I've discovered since moving to Missouri is float trips! In my free time you can find me either running, at the gym, or spending time with my fiancé, friends, and family.



This past winter, implementing our new software has been my main focus. Learning the new program has been both challenging and exciting, and I am looking forward to sharing some of the benefits of the new software with our clients!

The last couple of years, I have started gardening. Cooking with the vegetables and herbs I've grown has led my husband and I to try new flavor combinations- sometimes with mixed results. :) I also search out unusual and new annual flowers to plant at home to test them for use at our residential or subdivision clients properties.

My husband and I own his & hers Jeeps and we are very active in our local Jeep club.



Transitioning to our new software program has given us a new set of tools to manage Dowco. I'm a numbers guy and am extremely excited to have the tools to preview and analyze the numbers in detail.

Personally, relationships are important to me. I'm involved in a couple small groups that are making big differences in the lives of men. I am grateful to have the opportunity to share and grow. Spending time with my immediate and extended family is a priority and my free time revolves around this. Nowadays free time is scarce as I am finishing my degree in business. School keeps my thinking sharp and allows me to stay in touch with the younger members of our team.

The growth of our company wouldn't be possible without this great team we have and I am looking forward to working with the best of the best this year!



We welcome and encourage you to stop by our office in Chesterfield to say hi at anytime! You can alsoschedule an appointment for us to meet you on your site!

Thank you for your business!

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