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Popular Spring Blooming Trees in St. Louis

Spring blooming trees or spring flowering trees bring your garden to life early in the year with their frilly petals and fragrant aroma. The dynamic flower show you receive in March through May from the spring blooming trees is something to look forward to after a blistering cold winter. The best spring blooming trees in St. Louis also feed birds, small mammals and attract pollinators.


 The Retired Favorite: The Bradford Pear Tree

In the 1950-1960’s Bradford Pears were excessively planted along subdivision streets and in homeowner yards for the dynamic flower display in mid-March, the beautiful leaf color transition in summer to fall and its resistance to disease.

Bradford Pear Tree

However, the Bradford Pear is now only famous for breaking and falling in storms and high wind due to the branches stemming out of the same area in the trunk.

Bradford Pear Tree Damaged in Storm

Spring Blooming Trees: Eastern Redbud

The jaw-dropping Eastern Redbud tree blooms in late March to early May and is best known for its rose-purple color petals. They bloom along the limbs of the trees with 2-8 flowers per cluster.

Eastern Redbud Cluster

Did you know that the flowers can be fried and eaten? Native Americans once used the bark and roots to treat whooping cough, dysentery, fevers, congestion, and vomiting.

Eastern Redbud Tree

Spring Blooming Trees: Flowering Dogwood

Flowering Dogwood trees bloom shades of vibrant white to reddish pink in early spring between April and May, just shortly after the Eastern Redud begins blooming. The true Dogwood flowers are actually the tiny yellowish green clusters inside of the four, showy petal-like bracts. This gives the appearance of a much larger flower and creates a fabulous display.

Flowering Dogwood Bracts

Did you know that the Flowering Dogwood is the state tree of Missouri and Virginia? It’s no wonder these trees do so well in the St. Louis area.

White Flowering Dogwood Tree

Spring Blooming Trees: Flowering Cherries

There are hundreds of different varieties of Cherry trees including the Yoshino Cherry which touts slightly pink, almost white, 5-petaled blossoms and fresh leaves that emerge after the peak flowering season. The Weeping Cherry trees have sweeping and drooping branches with fragrant, rosy flowers.

Flowering Cherry Petals

The Kwanzan Cherry is the most common tree and one blossom can consist of as many as 30-50 frilly pink petals that bloom throughout April.

Flowering Cherry Tree


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