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TJ Rau
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3 Simple Steps to Prepare Your Containers for Winter Weather

The days are growing shorter and winter is on its way. Outside of normal garden clean up there are things to do to prepare for winter. I often get the question, “how do I set myself up for success next spring”? There are many things that you can do that will set you off on the right foot. I will discuss how to best prepare and store your containers.

Plants that Provide Interest during Fall & Winter in St. Louis

The summer is officially over and another growing season is coming to an end. As we head into fall, and eventually the drabness of winter, we look for anything that can help bring color and life to our days.

The Importance of a Fall Bed Cleanup

A fall bed clean up is a great practice that will best prepare your beds for the next season.

In a fall bed clean up spent perennials will be dead headed or cut back, pocketed leaves will be removed, weeds will be pulled and the beds will be raked smooth. Summer annuals will also be removed if needed. While all of these practices seem cosmetic, they actually go a long way to give your beds the best chance to perform well next year.

St. Louis Summer Watering Tips for Turf, Trees & Shrubs

Water is the number one necessity for all living things. We as humans have the ability to find water for ourselves; we carry our water bottles around, stop at a drinking fountain or could even go stick our head in a stream if we needed to. Plants are not so lucky. They rely on Mother Nature to get the water to them.

When is the Right Time to Trim and Prune my Trees & Shrubs in St. Louis?

Knowing the proper way to trim and prune your shrubs starts first with knowing when to trim them. The timing can affect many aspects of your plants health including viability and flowering.

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