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4 Benefits of Mulching Around Trees

There are 4 main benefits of mulching around trees. Not only is it aesthetically appealing, but mulch also helps to protect your trees and landscape.

7 Fascinating Reasons to Use Ornamental Grasses in Your Landscape

There are over 7,000 different species of Gramineae, the botanical family that ornamental grasses are found in. Ornamental grasses are a bit remarkable in the garden because they don’t have pretty flowers to use as a reproduction tool. Instead, they rely on the wind to blow their pollen into the air. Some of the grasses found below actually qualify in the "sedge" category, but act very similar to grasses in this aspect.

July Outdoor To Do List

In July, rainfall becomes scarce and the plants in your landscape will do their best to conserve energy and slow down growth. Many times during July we’re busy celebrating summer and often go out of town. Be sure to give your plants the special attention they need this month.

All You Ever Wanted to Know About Spider Mites

Spider mites come in many different species, but the one thing they have in common is that they are so tiny they're often hard to see by the naked eye. This makes identifying them difficult.

St. Louis Fire Blight Epidemic

Why are my trees turning brown? It could be Fire Blight.


Fire blight is caused by a bacterium, Erwinia Amylovora. Over the winter, bacteria hide out in bark lesions on trees and shrubs. When spring arrives with warm, wet weather, the bacteria "come alive" resulting in ooze that comes out of the localized dead areas (cankers). This ooze containing the bacteria is spread by pollinators like birds and bees, as well as by water and humans. In 1-3 weeks, the symptoms of fire blight become apparent.

St. Louis Summer Watering Tips for Turf, Trees & Shrubs

Water is the number one necessity for all living things. We as humans have the ability to find water for ourselves; we carry our water bottles around, stop at a drinking fountain or could even go stick our head in a stream if we needed to. Plants are not so lucky. They rely on Mother Nature to get the water to them.

Rose Rosette Virus In St. Louis

Rose rosette virus is a disease that has become a prevalent threat to all ornamental roses in St. Louis.

5 Often Overlooked Tips for Planting Trees and Shrubs in Spring

Fall is typically recognized as the best time for planting trees and shrubs. However, with proper care, spring is still a great time to enhance your property with the addition or replacement of landscape plantings.

When is the Right Time to Trim and Prune my Trees & Shrubs in St. Louis?

Knowing the proper way to trim and prune your shrubs starts first with knowing when to trim them. The timing can affect many aspects of your plants health including viability and flowering.

The Importance of Trimming and Pruning Trees and Shrubs

All over the St. Louis, Chesterfield and St. Albans areas we’ve seen an increase in the number of trees and shrubs that are being installed in landscapes and the diversity in plants is multiplying. This new awareness from the public in assorted plants requires specialized pruning techniques.

Planting a tree or shrub correctly, in the proper location, and protecting it from injury are the best things you can do to influence the life cycle of your plants. The next largest impact is trimming and pruning.

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