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How to Save Water with Your Irrigation System

In St. Louis, we are used to scorching hot summers. We hear all the time from clients you want your lawns to stay lush and green, but you are also concerned about how to save money with your irrigation system. Just as you routinely change the oil in your car, you must also inspect and adjust your ir...

Landscaping & Garden Trends 2014

New garden trends, lawn trends, and landscaping trends as predicted by green industry experts. Including drought tolerant plants, simple and elegant containers, and gardening for the greater good.

4 Ways to Encourage New Seedling Growth

Did you or do you plan to aerate and overseed your lawn this fall? Here are some best practices to care for your baby seedlings!

St. Louis Irrigation Backflow Test

What is a backflow preventer?

A backflow preventer is a device used to protect you and your neighbors’ drinking water from contamination.

How does contamination occur?

Sprinkler systems are plumbed into the same potable water that you drink, thereby creating a potential cross contamination hazard. C...

Irrigation Backflow Information

What is an irrigation backflow preventer?

An irrigation backflow preventer is a device used to protect you and your neighbors' drinking water from contamination.

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