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When Should I Overseed My Lawn? Spring or Fall?

Many people ask us, "When should I overseed my lawn?" During spring, plants are blooming and growing, so naturally we think spring would be the best time to plant grass seed. However, spring likely isn’t the best time to overseed your lawn. Here’s why.

More Time to Enjoy Life without Lawn Care Management

"I love gardening but with 2 busy, teenage girls and a husband with an aversion to yard work, I have to keep it simple. Dowco has been keeping my lawn care free for over 15 years so I can do what I love best.

March Outdoor To Do List

Spring begins on March 20th! Here are your March Outdoor to do list items that should be taken care of as we officially enter into the spring season! If you are a Dowco client, many of these services will be done for you!

Landscaping & Garden Trends 2014

New garden trends, lawn trends, and landscaping trends as predicted by green industry experts. Including drought tolerant plants, simple and elegant containers, and gardening for the greater good.

October Outdoor To Do List

October Outdoor To-Do List

Fall is officially here! Here is a list of 15 things to remember this month:

4 Ways to Encourage New Seedling Growth

Did you or do you plan to aerate and overseed your lawn this fall? Here are some best practices to care for your baby seedlings!

Four Fall Plantings for a Beautiful Spring Landscape

Do you suffer from spring landscape envy? Does it seem like every time the weather starts warming up from winter, your neighbors have bursts of colorful blooms in their garden and you don't? Fall plantings must take place months prior to spring so that you can reap the rewards after the chilly months.

Turf Fertilization and Weed Control Program

Let’s face it; you’re looking for results from your lawn care company. You want someone who is reliable and knowledgeable to provide a beautiful, green turf!

If you desire a healthy beautiful lawn, Dowco has the right lawn care solutions for you! Fertilization for your lawn adds the necessary nutrients in the required amounts to promote healthier and greener turf. A lush, healthy lawn is the best defense for withstanding adverse conditions such as disease and drought. Dowco’s fertilizers are always formulated for the soil and environmental conditions specific to the St. Louis area are specially blended to our specifications. Every application contains at least 50% slow release nitrogen for a sustained, gentle green.

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