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Caitlin Erickson

Caitlin Erickson
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3 Simple Fall and Winter Décor Ideas for the Whole Family

Here are 3 simple fall and winter decor ideas for the whole family!


Make a day out of this fun decorating idea. Take the family to a local pumpkin patch, pick out the perfect pumpkin, bring them back to the house and have a carving party! You can even roast the seeds for a tasty snack! The best way to carve a perfect pumpkin is to find stencils or draw your design on the pumpkin before carving.

7 Yard Safety Tips

Yard safety is a HUGE component of what we talk about at Dowco. We want to prepare our crews for everything that may happen during a day in the life of working outside and in Chesterfield lawns and landscapes! Here are 7 tips that will help protect you if you're working in your yard this year.

4 Benefits of Mulching Around Trees

There are 4 main benefits of mulching around trees. Not only is it aesthetically appealing, but mulch also helps to protect your trees and landscape.

What St. Louis Subdivision Trustees Should Look for in a Lawn & Landscape Provider

Are you delighted with the current landscaping company your subdivision is working with? Here are some tips on looking for the right company for your St. Louis subdivision commonground or HOA:

Curb Appeal For Selling Your Home

Are you ready to sell your home? Did you know that having an attractive and well-maintained landscape can add up to 10% value of your home?

Here are some benefits of landscaping when selling your home.

Turf Disease Season St. Louis

It's turf disease season in St. Louis!

If you're wondering why your turf is turning brown, even though it's had plenty of rain and moisture. Keep reading. You may have a fungus in your turf.

April Outdoor To Do List

It’s finally April and spring has arrived! Here's a list of 5 fun St. Louis spring activities to accomplish this April. It also includes things to do in the month of April in your garden.

3 Steps for a Jaw-Dropping Spring Landscape

Ever wonder how the best St. Louis landscape companies make their spring cleanups look so good? The secret is skipping the short cuts.

When Should I Overseed My Lawn? Spring or Fall?

Many people ask us, "When should I overseed my lawn?" During spring, plants are blooming and growing, so naturally we think spring would be the best time to plant grass seed. However, spring likely isn’t the best time to overseed your lawn. Here’s why.

Storm Cleanup

If you have lived in St. Louis you know that April showers really do bring May flowers! But you also know the showers are not limited to specific months and that each storm is different in how long it lasts, the damage it causes, and the storm cleanup required. Spring is by far the wettest season in St. Louis, accumulating 321 inches of precipitation on average between April and June.

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