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Matt Hagemann

Matt Hagemann
With a B.S. in Horticulture and 28 years in the industry, my strength is helping people solve their lawn and landscape problems, while maintaining functionality and beauty. It’s definitely great to do what you love at work everyday, working with people and plants. My family and I enjoy the outdoors and we make time every summer to go somewhere beautiful for family vacations. One of our favorite destinations has been to Utah to enjoy it’s many National Parks, like Zion, Arches, Kodachrome, and Bryce Canyon to name a few. It’s so nice to de-pressurize and enjoy each other‘s company, hiking, rafting, fishing, and canyoneering, away from all the hustle and bustle of daily work schedules. When I’m not working, gardening, or chasing one of our 2 small dogs around the yard, maybe I’ll run into you hiking one of the area parks or conservation areas.
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Water Once More! Here's Why...

Water One More Time

Cool, brisk days and chilly nights are indicators that winter is fast approaching and irrigation systems need to be shut down.  But a dormant irrigation system doesn’t mean your watering is complete. 

As fall merges into winter, a deep watering on your new plants or existing evergreens will help alleviate any moisture stress they may experience during winter.

Watch Your Landscape Explode With Color

Add a Pop of Color this Fall

Mums are a great way to add a pop of color to your outdoor space this fall. Planted in-ground or in pots, mums keep their color through the fall season. With a variety of rich colors available, your landscape will be on display! 

Other fall options include kale, strawflower, pansies, snapdragon, asters, and more! 

Then, Burst Into Spring!

Plant bulbs such as tulips, daffodils, and hyacinth this fall and watch your landscape explode in the spring! Nature's fireworks will burst with different hues and shapes to make you the talk of the neighborhood.

Unique options include alliums, amaryllis, snowdrops, and the early blooming crocus. 


Aeration and Overseeding is Underway!

Many of our clients are schedule and preparing for their upcoming lawn renovation! 


  1. Obstacles such as irrigation heads, landscape lighting, gnomes and underground dog fences must be flagged.
  2. Water your lawn thoroughly so it has a good moisture content and can be deeply aerated.

How to Care For a New Construction Home Lawn in St. Louis

Congratulations on a new home!!

As soon as the keys are handed over to your new residence, the mindset of “protecting your investment” kicks in. One of the most beneficial ways you can protect and enhance your curb appeal is by making sure your lawn is green and weed-free. 

Fall is one of the best times to find a professional, local lawn care company in St. Louis to renovate your lawn. A new lawn is less than 5 years old, but you don’t get a “pass” just because you have new sod.

It’s important to know the history of your lawn to understand why...

History of your Lawn

When a developer decides to build a subdivision they move loads of soil to shape retention ponds, berms, and streets, and dig sewer lines. What ends up on the surface area that eventually becomes your yard may have previously been 5-15 feet below ground in the past. It is essentially dead soil, with no flora or fauna to carry on all the processes of healthy balanced soil.

What you don’t necessarily see when you buy a home in a residential development, is the myriad of vehicles that have driven on and around what you wish to be lush, soft turf.  Pick-up trucks, concrete trucks, flatbeds with lumber and trusses, dumpsters, shingle deliveries, and appliance and window deliveries all take their turns. When the house is first being built, crushed limestone gravel is distributed around to eliminate slugging through the mud.

All of this adds up to a compacted, unstructured soil that is fairly impenetrable to normal percolation of rainwater. So what are the first steps? 

Pool Landscaping in Chesterfield Missouri

When this client called and asked to set-up a meeting to discuss improving their backyard landscape I had a good feeling about the potential for the space. The entire family is outdoor enthusiasts, and they enjoy entertaining.

What St. Louis Lawn Care Program is Best for Me?

If you were to drive through all of the different neighborhoods spread across the St. Louis landscape, there are tens of thousands of beautiful lawns. Our city is a sprawling metropolitan area with many cultural and geographic divisions which gives property owners a diverse selection of lawn and landscape contractors to choose from.

We’ve put together three recommendations to find a St. Louis lawn care program that works for you and your lifestyle!

St. Louis Landscaping: Three Types of Winter Trimming and Pruning

Most people only think of pruning their shrubs when they see them looking overgrown in early to mid-summer after their full spring flush.  This is because they’re looking especially shaggy. Some may even appear to be outgrowing their location! 

Instead of making drastic cuts in the peak of the season or worse, removing the tree or shrub, consider pruning in the winter time. This is the best time to accomplish several types of pruning. 

There are three types including: Reduction, Corrective, and Rejuvenation pruning.

Snow and Ice Management Tips: How to Select an Ice Melt Product

After a winter storm that starts off with freezing rain and sleet, you pick yourself up off the ground rubbing what hurts wondering, “Why didn’t I get that salt down before the ice got here?”

All it takes is one mishap to make sure you have some ice melt for the next time Mother Nature steers the storm back to Chesterfield, MO. Here are some snow and ice management tips to help you select the best ice melt product for your property.

St. Louis Lawn and Landscaping Challenges

Maintaining your lawn and landscaping in St. Louis can be challenging and this year was especially fun! 

2015 started out like so many others: moderate snowfall, average temperatures, and a spring that seemed like it would never arrive.

While June is Missouri’s wettest month with an average of 4.28 inches, that is nowhere near the 13.14 inches that we received this year making it the second wettest June on record for Missouri!

Spring Annual Install Training

How to install spring annuals. Includes tips on planning, using your time wisely, installing compost or organic material, spacing & depth of flowers, fertilizing, and cleanup.

Spring Lawn and Landscaping Mistakes

Free gardening labor must be supervised when dealing with weeds in a perennial garden. 

We were going to host a wedding at our house and the groom had a couple of teenage sons who wanted to help out. We were weeding, edging, and mulching like crazy. When I saw what was being wheeled to the woods, I spotted some familiar foliage...  

Quite a few coneflowers and rudbeckias made it to the compost heap. It wasn’t until the next week that I realized I was missing a clematis vine as well (though it has grown back). 

This story led to me to write down a couple of tips to avoid spring lawn and landscaping mistakes! Pulling the wrong plant is understandable since many beautiful perennials start off their spring looking very much like a weed. Working directly with a gardening newbie is definitely a safer bet with less chance of heartache.

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