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Dowco's 2014 Photo Recap!

Dowco has a lot of memories from 2014! Here are some photos we wanted to share as we recap this amazing year! You can click on any of the photos to enlarge it.

Featured Client: The Bachman Family

"We have been Dowco clients since moving to Missouri in 1997. Over the 17+ years, Dowco has worked with us on annual lawn cutting and care. As with all lawns, we have been challenged over the years with grubs, fungus and nutsedge. Dowco monitors these challenges and always ensures the right care at the right time. Dowco’s irrigation service is fantastic. We have expanded the irrigation system over time in many areas and Dowco’s inspection process always ensures we maximize the efficiencies of the system. Dowco’s fall service for leaves is invaluable for a property mostly covered with trees. Additionally, Dowco’s price points are very favorable and attractive.

Featured Client: The Gilbride Residence

"Dowco has been doing our entire yard for 3 years. Never, ever had a problem with anything! Grass looks great and is always cut in a timely manner. They communicate very well which is a breath of fresh air in today's world of customer service (or lack thereof). They handle maintenance of all plantings, the mulching of all beds, mowing, and the lawn applications. I can honestly say, I COULD NOT BE HAPPIER!"

Featured Client: The Colangione Family

Click the photos below to enlarge:

“Dowco has done a great job for my turf. I used their fertilization program one year then switched to somebody else. I came back to Dowco after unsatisfactory results. I did everything Dowco recommended including the renovation package - double aeration and over-seeding etc. in the fall. I could really tell a difference in the lawn from the end of last year to the end of this year! The way that the Dowco crews kept coming back out, checking, walking, and sprinkling the site with more grass seed was impressive. I was concerned that the drought we had in August would affect our lawn more than it did, but Dowco kept it looking perfect, thick, green, and beautiful. People who stop by my house compliment my lawn!”

Featured Client: The Chadwick Family

The Chadwick Family in Pine Creek Subdivision, Chesterfield enjoys hanging out by the pool on warm summer days. Dowco has given them this ability because they don't have to worry about yard work!

Dowco's Featured Client: The Lewen Residence

Mark & Joan Lewen have been loyal Dowco clients since April 1994. In those 20 years, they've seen Dowco mature into a full service company while still maintaining a personal touch. Click here to see photos of their beautiful outdoor space.

The Gladstone Family

Mr. & Mrs. Gladstone have been loyal Chesterfield clients since 2007. We love working with them at their home and their office. They've even given some goldfish from their pond to the boss! Here's what they shared about their Dowco experience.

More Time to Enjoy Life without Lawn Care Management

"I love gardening but with 2 busy, teenage girls and a husband with an aversion to yard work, I have to keep it simple. Dowco has been keeping my lawn care free for over 15 years so I can do what I love best.

Sunpatiens Transformation

T & G have been Dowco clients since the early 2000's. G loves Impatiens, but they never made it in this always sunny spot in her front yard. Last year T& G and their Dowco account manager, planted Sunpatiens in their front yard as an experiment to see how they would do in this difficult spot and as you can see it was a WINNING choice!

New Homeowner St. Louis

When a new family moved into their new St. Louis home this summer, they were overwhelmed with tall grass and knee-high weeds from the previous owner. They were looking for a team who could quickly turn their new property into a place that they enjoyed coming home to.

Simple tasks like pulling weeds, cutting the grass, removing dead shrubs, trenching a shovel edge, and adding fresh mulch created a noticeable difference! Dowco was able to complete the job in just two days.

Here are some before and after photos of how simple things make a big difference!

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