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Winter Burn in St. Louis Plants

As our reluctant spring weather may finally arrive, and with a little sunshine we will find ourselves outside enjoying our landscapes more and more. Behind us was a winter loaded with snow and colder than recent memory temperatures. School children rejoiced with extra days of school because wise superintendents thought the better of running buses at -5F bus stop temperatures. Although we are able to protect our children, our plants tucked into our landscapes may not have been so fortunate.

3 Tips on How to Choose a St. Louis Lawn and Landscape Maintenance Provider

Hiring a lawn and landscape maintenance provider is an advantageous investment when you consider that a well-maintained property can add anywhere from 5-15% to your home’s value. To make the selection process easy, Dowco has developed a simple list of 3 questions to ask prospective St. Louis lawn and landscape maintenance providers before choosing the right one for you!

More Time to Enjoy Life without Lawn Care Management

"I love gardening but with 2 busy, teenage girls and a husband with an aversion to yard work, I have to keep it simple. Dowco has been keeping my lawn care free for over 15 years so I can do what I love best.

Sunpatiens Transformation

T & G have been Dowco clients since the early 2000's. G loves Impatiens, but they never made it in this always sunny spot in her front yard. Last year T& G and their Dowco account manager, planted Sunpatiens in their front yard as an experiment to see how they would do in this difficult spot and as you can see it was a WINNING choice!

March Outdoor To Do List

Spring begins on March 20th! Here are your March Outdoor to do list items that should be taken care of as we officially enter into the spring season! If you are a Dowco client, many of these services will be done for you!

Storm Cleanup

If you have lived in St. Louis you know that April showers really do bring May flowers! But you also know the showers are not limited to specific months and that each storm is different in how long it lasts, the damage it causes, and the storm cleanup required. Spring is by far the wettest season in St. Louis, accumulating 321 inches of precipitation on average between April and June.

Meet Your Dowco Team 2014

Thank you for your trust and confidence in Dowco. Please take a moment to meet your Dowco team! Here's to another great season!

Popular Spring Blooming Trees in St. Louis

Spring blooming trees or spring flowering trees bring your garden to life early in the year with their frilly petals and fragrant aroma. The dynamic flower show you receive in March through May from the spring blooming trees is something to look forward to after a blistering cold winter. The best spring blooming trees in St. Louis also feed birds, small mammals and attract pollinators.

February Outdoor To Do List

Anyone else have cabin fever yet? We are so tired of the dreary days and blistering cold temperatures. Our February outdoor to do list for this month, we focused on local, St. Louis events to help get you out of the house and having fun!

Landscaping & Garden Trends 2014

New garden trends, lawn trends, and landscaping trends as predicted by green industry experts. Including drought tolerant plants, simple and elegant containers, and gardening for the greater good.

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