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All You Ever Wanted to Know About Spider Mites

Spider mites come in many different species, but the one thing they have in common is that they are so tiny they're often hard to see by the naked eye. This makes identifying them difficult.

8 Reasons to Walk Your Garden Every Day

St. Louis Fire Blight Epidemic

Why are my trees turning brown? It could be Fire Blight.


Fire blight is caused by a bacterium, Erwinia Amylovora. Over the winter, bacteria hide out in bark lesions on trees and shrubs. When spring arrives with warm, wet weather, the bacteria "come alive" resulting in ooze that comes out of the localized dead areas (cankers). This ooze containing the bacteria is spread by pollinators like birds and bees, as well as by water and humans. In 1-3 weeks, the symptoms of fire blight become apparent.

Rose Rosette Virus In St. Louis

Rose rosette virus is a disease that has become a prevalent threat to all ornamental roses in St. Louis.

June Outdoor To Do List

Summer has arrived! So has the heat. While you vacation or enjoy the pool, some of your plants don’t have that opportunity. Here’s our list of tips to take care of them in this hot month.

When is the Right Time to Trim and Prune my Trees & Shrubs in St. Louis?

Knowing the proper way to trim and prune your shrubs starts first with knowing when to trim them. The timing can affect many aspects of your plants health including viability and flowering.

Flowering Pear Trees, The Signal of Spring!

Well, after another typically atypical winter season, spring has finally arrived on our dreary doorstep. What better sign to usher in spring than the explosion of white across the county- the Bradford Pears have popped! God has such an ironic sense of humor - we are tired of snowfall, but elated at the first flowers of spring, the white Bradford Pears.

Last Frost Preparation and Patience

It happens every year, the big box retailers scurry around each spring to be the first to bring the new crop spring and summer annuals. So marketing geniuses make lots of money predicting the arrival of spring, and thus plan for their annual arrivals just in time.

April Outdoor To Do List

It’s finally April and spring has arrived! Here's a list of 5 fun St. Louis spring activities to accomplish this April. It also includes things to do in the month of April in your garden.

How to Save Water with Your Irrigation System

In St. Louis, we are used to scorching hot summers. We hear all the time from clients you want your lawns to stay lush and green, but you are also concerned about how to save money with your irrigation system. Just as you routinely change the oil in your car, you must also inspect and adjust your irrigation system for it to work properly & efficiently.

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