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Maggie Wymore

Maggie Wymore
I am an Illinois native, born and raised in small town on the northwest side of Chicago. Upon high school graduation I obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Horticulture from the University of Illinois. My relative professional experience includes 3 years as an Account Manager for Chicagoland’s largest privately owned landscaping company as well as 2 years experience as a Business Development Representative for a commercial pest management company. In my free time I like to work out, floral design, and spend time with my family, play with my two puppy-children Sadie and Meeka. A fun fact about me is that I broke my left arm 3 times before the age of 7.
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How Much Does a Lawn Renovation Cost in St. Louis?

Did you know that a single blade of grass only lives 40 days on average?

Each day our lawns are working to produce new blades (called tillers) to replace the old ones. This is why some lawns begin to thin out or look tired over time.

Many people already knows the benefits of aerating and overseeding the clay soil here in St. Louis, so then they start comparing prices and values to choose a lawn care provider to perform a fall renovation.

How Lawn Care Companies Determine Price

The cost of a lawn renovation is almost always directly related to the square footage of your property. Vendors apply a "secret formula" to come up with an average or standard amount of time and material needed to to cover the grounds.

In St. Louis county, the average lawn aeration cost can range from $99 to $300.

"Wait!" You might say. "This is quite a broad range. Besides, I've seen signs for aeration as low as $45!"

How to Compare and Choose a St. Louis Lawn Renovation Company

Your lawn, flowers, trees and shrubs are in a heat advisory. Please be alert to the following warning signs of drought and adjust your watering as needed.

  • foot prints that stay
  • wilted and rolled leaves
  • discoloration
  • soil feels dry to the touch

As soon as the summer heat wave is over you're going to start seeing signs and hearing St. Louis lawncare companies talking about fall lawn renovations.  How do you know what is best for your lawn?  Here are a couple tips on how to compare and choose a St. Louis lawn renovation company for your property. 


One very important factor to consider when pricing out your lawn renovation is how many passes are being done during the aeration. At the minimum a double pass is recommended to get the most value out of your investment. A double pass means the aerator will do a checker-board pattern of the lawn, completing one entire pass of the lawn in one direction, and then a second pass perpendicular to the first past.

With the clay soils in St. Louis, anything less than two passes is almost inconsequential. For new construction or severely compacted lawns, Dowco typically recommends going over the property multiple times.


Comparing the amount and type of seed that the contractor is using is another way to compare your quotes. Ask for the lawn care contractor to tell you how many pounds of seed they plan to use. 

According to the label on seed bags, they recommend 3-7 pounds per thousand square feet depending on the current condition of the lawn.  An established lawn may only need 3 pounds, but bare dirt would require 7 pounds or more.

Communication Tips for a St. Louis Homeowner’s Association Trustee

Nobody loves meetings, but as a St. Louis Homeowner's Association trustee, part of your job is to conduct them.

St. Louis Subdivision Trustee Tips:  Getting Homeowners to Attend Board Meetings

The reality is that most St. Louis homeowners will not become actively involved in their subdivision associations. However, involved residents can offer valuable contributions if committed to the mission of improving their community, so it is important to get their input at board meetings.

St. Louis Subdivision Trustee Tips: How to Draft a Complete Resident Profile

A St. Louis subdivision trustee board administers the rules and upholds the policies of a community to help to unite them for many common purposes. If you’re among those who have volunteered to serve on your board, we acknowledge that this office can be both a rewarding and a challenging job.

Tips for Dealing with Difficult Homeowners in St. Louis Subdivision Associations

Serving on your St. Louis homeowner’s association board can become stressful at times if dealing with a difficult resident.

The Best Time to Kill Weeds in Your St. Louis Lawn

When it comes to caring for a lawn, everyone will need to get rid of weeds at one point or another, and for many it is a constant battle to keep weeds under control. The younger your lawn is, the more susceptible it is to weeds that will grow in between the young and relatively weak blades of grass.

While choosing a weed killer and applying it properly are essential to kill the weeds successfully, timing the application will help increase the number of weeds you affect.

Here are 8 tips on how to choose the best time to kill the weeds in your St. Louis lawn:

What to Say When You Meet With Your St. Louis Landscape Contractor

The statement made famous by Dorothy in the classic movie The Wizard of Oz is true, “There is no place like home.” And with that, there is no one that knows your home like you do. This very concept is the basis on why regular site visits with your St. Louis landscape contractor are extremely important.

During your initial site visit with Dowco we will tour your existing landscape and discuss your requirements and expectations. Our goal is to bring your vision to life to best reflect your personal style and preferences.

Chesterfield, MO Commercial Snow Removal Pricing, Contracts & Bid Tips

Whether we like it or not, snow season is among us!

When you have a business in Chesterfield, MO, hiring a snow and ice management contractor is essential.

Without this service, your business could take a major hit. You could lose important customers and vital revenue for your business during the winter season. So where do you begin?

Here are four important factors to consider when bidding commercial snow removal.

When is the Best Time to Hire a Residential Snow Removal Company?

When it comes to snow and ice, proactive thinking is always best. The best way to cool off in the heat of the summer is to THINK SNOW! That’s right… while most are enjoying pool parties, building sand castles, and hosting cookouts, residential snow removal companies are already in full-swing planning for the winter operations ahead.  

By doing the snow contract legwork early, well before the white stuff flies, you will have time to gather estimates, make an educated decision and create a solid snow and ice management plan.

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