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St. Louis Lawn Mowing Rain Delays

Dear Dowco Lawn Mowing Clients,

Quarter 1 Celebration Breakfast

This morning we came together to eat breakfast as a team and celebrate our first quarter wins! We also took some time to gain feedback from the entire staff on what we love and enjoy about working at Dowco as well as the things that the company can improve on.

Team Building Session: Paper Airplanes

Steve M., a Dowco field supervisor, organized an awesome team building game for us to play involving paper airplanes. The two teams had to build the exact same paper airplane using terribly vague instructions. Then, the teams competed head to head to see which plane flew further.

The point was - sometimes the instructions you get aren't going to be the best (or make sense at all) and it's up to you to be a leader, communicate with your teammates and figure out how to fly far.

What to Say When You Meet With Your St. Louis Landscape Contractor

The statement made famous by Dorothy in the classic movie The Wizard of Oz is true, “There is no place like home.” And with that, there is no one that knows your home like you do. This very concept is the basis on why regular site visits with your St. Louis landscape contractor are extremely important.

During your initial site visit with Dowco we will tour your existing landscape and discuss your requirements and expectations. Our goal is to bring your vision to life to best reflect your personal style and preferences.

Late Winter Game Plan: An Update on Current Services

The last week brought us all sorts of weather conditions from a snowy, rainy, icy weekend to a beautiful day filled with sunshine today! 

Dowco Holiday Party 2015

Happy Holidays!

As the year comes to an end, we want to thank you for being a part of the Dowco family. The combination of your support and energy makes us want to work harder to be able to serve you with excellence in 2016. 

We hope that you're able to enjoy your family and friends over the holidays, and also take some time for yourself and enjoy your outdoor living space. 

You've earned it. 

Check out the highlights from our holiday party:

Neighbor's Night Out Event 2015

Dowco is a big fan of the company N2Publishing because they provide monthly magazines to our clients based upon their small subdivisions.  This gives homeowners the ability to meet new neighbors, share rides, find service vendors, sell stuff, offer babysitting opportunities, become friends and more! 

Landscape Cleanup Wildwood, MO

One of our long time, loyal clients asked us to help her at her mom's house.  The current situation included a lot of overgrown plants, dead trees, and healthy weeds.

After Dowco performed this landscape cleanup in Wildwood, MO, the home looked completely different! 

Chesterfield Landscaping project: Boulder Steps

This Dowco client has grandkids who come over frequently.  She is in the process of building a swing set and playground area in the backyard, and asked Dowco to install steps that she could use to walk down the hillside.

Chesterfield, Mo Landscape Company Cleanup Job

Are you feeling overwhelmed with the amount of work that your landscaping needs?  Wondering where to even begin?

Here is a yard that Dowco transformed in one day by cleaning the weeds and leaves out of the beds, trimming and pruning the existing shrubs, removing dead trees, and installing fresh mulch.

This job was completed for less than $2,000 and gave the homeowner a fresh slate.  She can rest at ease knowing that everything is tidy and budget for the next phase of planting new landscaping! 

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