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6 Ways to Make Your St. Louis Lawn & Landscape Thrive in October

As of September 23rd, it is officially Autumn!  With the seasons changing, there are a few outdoor to-do items that should be completed within the next month.

4 Ways to Cure "Spring Landscaping Envy" For Every St. Louis Homeowner

Do you suffer from spring landscape envy?

Does it seem like every time the weather starts warming up from winter, your neighbors have bursts of colorful blooms in their garden and you don't?

Here are some fall plantings that must take place this fall so that you can reap the rewards after the chilly months ahead. 

3 Ways to Determine Your Landscape Style

“Can you come over and help me with my yard?”  I hear this all the time. Questions like where do I start? What should I plant? Can you just do it for me?

How to Trim & Prune Training Video

Dowco's production manager offers tips and tricks on trimming and pruning tees and shrubs.

Includes valuable information on: 

  • How far back to cut woody plants 
  • How to start trimming a boxwood
  • Information on cleaning out water sprouts 
  • Pruning suckers to ground level
  • Where to prune a branch on a tree
  • Raising up limbs on trees and creating balance
  • Cleaning tools after pruning and between plants
  • Safety tips while using mechanical trimming and pruning equipment

Spring Annual Install Training

How to install spring annuals. Includes tips on planning, using your time wisely, installing compost or organic material, spacing & depth of flowers, fertilizing, and cleanup.

Spring Lawn and Landscaping Mistakes

Free gardening labor must be supervised when dealing with weeds in a perennial garden. 

We were going to host a wedding at our house and the groom had a couple of teenage sons who wanted to help out. We were weeding, edging, and mulching like crazy. When I saw what was being wheeled to the woods, I spotted some familiar foliage...  

Quite a few coneflowers and rudbeckias made it to the compost heap. It wasn’t until the next week that I realized I was missing a clematis vine as well (though it has grown back). 

This story led to me to write down a couple of tips to avoid spring lawn and landscaping mistakes! Pulling the wrong plant is understandable since many beautiful perennials start off their spring looking very much like a weed. Working directly with a gardening newbie is definitely a safer bet with less chance of heartache.

How to Protect Plants from Frost in Late Spring

 “OMG – Did you hear what Dave Murray said about temperatures tonight!”

Seasonal Color Options that Perform Better than Roses

The Trouble with Roses 

Roses have long been the go to choice for flower lovers looking for a long late summer show. For years gardeners sprayed and pruned and sprayed and fertilized and pruned some more to keep their hybrid tea and climbing roses looking wonderful. Then one day we were given the Knockout Rose, this was the rose to end all the spraying and all the maintenance. But we were lied to.

6 Steps to have the worst looking yard on the block!

Ok so maybe this article is a little far-fetched. But some of these things we've actually seen! The best lawn care company in Chesterfield would never let these situations happen to you!  But if you do want to have a horrible landscape, keep on reading! 

4 Best Plant Privacy Screen Options

A popular topic for residential homeowners is privacy. How do homeowners achieve privacy when many subdivisions and homeowners associations don’t allow fences? The answer is a plant privacy screen.

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