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Spring Aeration & Seeding in St. Louis

During the spring we receive quite a few calls from people who ask, "How much do you charge for core aeration in the spring?"  And our short answer is nothing!

As a general rule of thumb, spring is not the best time to aerate and seed your your St. Louis lawn and this is why.

Spring is the time to put down crabgrass pre-emergents to prevent weeds from germinating.

Making Better Decisions about Your Chesterfield Lawn Mowing

“Decisions are the hardest thing to make, especially when it’s a choice between where you should be and where you want to be.” – Anonymous

Have you ever had to choose between two options?

  • Before work: Change the oil in your car or prepare and eat a healthy breakfast?
  • After work: See your kids in a school play or finish your tax refund paperwork?
  • After dinner: Wash the dishes or go to the gym for a workout?
  • Before bed: Put away laundry or read a book?

These are common choices that most of us have faced in our adulthood. Making constant decisions over how the chores, or nonessential tasks, in our lives are going to be handled is draining for you brain!

There’s an obvious answer in each of the questions above, however sometimes the non-essential become so glaringly overwhelming that we must do it.

The Best Time to Kill Weeds in Your St. Louis Lawn

When it comes to caring for a lawn, everyone will need to get rid of weeds at one point or another, and for many it is a constant battle to keep weeds under control. The younger your lawn is, the more susceptible it is to weeds that will grow in between the young and relatively weak blades of grass.

While choosing a weed killer and applying it properly are essential to kill the weeds successfully, timing the application will help increase the number of weeds you affect.

Here are 8 tips on how to choose the best time to kill the weeds in your St. Louis lawn:

What St. Louis Lawn Care Program is Best for Me?

If you were to drive through all of the different neighborhoods spread across the St. Louis landscape, there are tens of thousands of beautiful lawns. Our city is a sprawling metropolitan area with many cultural and geographic divisions which gives property owners a diverse selection of lawn and landscape contractors to choose from.

We’ve put together three recommendations to find a St. Louis lawn care program that works for you and your lifestyle!

5 Tips For Finding the Best Lawn Care Company in St. Louis

Your green lawn is a valuable part of your landscaping because it provides an area for outdoor play and entertainment for you and your family to enjoy.  Could you imagine playing in a backyard that has knee-high grass filled with bugs and weeds? Yuck!

A healthy, green lawn helps your family relax, but it also increases the value of your property.

Did you know that with a well-designed and properly maintained landscape you can increase the property value of your home by 15% to 20%? For those who aren’t good at math, that turns a $500,000 home into a $575,000 home!

You realize that your lawn is an important investment so you’re definitely going to hire a professional lawn care company in St. Louis to handle it for you. But where should you begin?

Don’t leave the care and maintenance to just anyone. Find the best lawn care company in St. Louis to care for and protect your turf with these tips.

Lawn Overseeding 101

Did you know that a single blade of grass only lives an average of 40 days before it dies? Our lawns are constantly working to produce new blades to replace the ones that have died back. 

Turf Fungus and Disease 2015

Temperatures are predicted to be in the high 90's this week and the humidity is high. These environmental factors are prime living conditions for fungus and disease to thrive in your turf. 

Weed Identification St. Louis

When you have a great lawn that you can be proud of your dreams will come to life! Imagine the kids playing catch, hanging out in the backyard for BBQs and enjoying the company of your friends and family with a weed-free turf. The experts at Dowco understand the challenges that growing a great lawn in St. Louis presents and we’ve worked the last 35+ years developing a plan that works.

Here are a few examples of common weeds in St. Louis and when you can expect to see them.

St. Louis Weed Control Methods

Methods for Controlling Weeds

Selective herbicides, commonly known as weed killers, are products designed to be toxic to weeds and disrupt their lifecycle stage while leaving the desired turfgrass unharmed.  

Many St. Louis weeds are treated using premergence and/or postemergence herbicides. St. Louis weed control service providers can oftentimes acquire products that are not available at Home Depot or Lowes and are more potent.

There are two types of selective herbicides that are commonly used for St. Louis weed control.

Classifying St. Louis Lawn Weeds

Why do Weeds Exist?

Understanding the specific weed problem you have can uncover indicators of unfavorable conditions. 

For example, knotweed frequently occurs in areas of severe soil compaction, ground ivy thrives under trees where there is insufficient sunlight and red sorrel is usually indicative of overly acidic soil.

It’s important to identify the problem that your turf has in order to properly asses what can and should be done to remedy your lawn. But first, let's get a grasp for when St. Louis lawn weeds will be prevalent. 

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